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18 hours ago, mightstone2k said:

Hard or soft?

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These, these are the important questions right here!!!


2 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:


The TV behind me had a show on that included Shaolin (looking) monks, a wizard, a samurai, a robot, and an ancient temple. My command of Vietnamese is weak, but I had a hard time from keeping my head swiveled behind me to watch. It looked like a serial I may have to go back next week.


ETA: The hot & sour soup tasted impossibly sweet. It didn't make sense to me until I figured that 19 days without sweets has altered my perspective.


Oh.  If you find out what show this is please advise.  It sounds up my alley~


It's so wild what not regularly having sweets does to your taste!!  I can't drink any kind of soda now unless it's seriously watered down.  Blech.

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Hey! Look at that - the clean eating and yoga are actually doing what they're supposed to. Gratifying when discipline is rewarding, eh?

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