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Day 17

  • So obviously I need to update this more! 
  • Things I've done this week:
    • Cleaned the house.
    • Changed lightbulbs.
    • Set up new doctor appointment.
    • Cleaned up bike and made some adjustments.
  • Mostly lately I've been working on my attitude and the way I approach things. I'm in a much better state than I have been since my divorce in '13. I'm much happier. I love my job so much that it is the main reason I don't want to move.
  • I received a $200 bonus check (highest possible). Between that, the tips, and the paychecks, and being a part time job. I am making nearly what I was before I switched to making coffee.
  • I've also quit drinking anything but water and espresso or tea lately. I feel so much better.
  • Main things to fix next:
    • Food! I'm obviously not losing any fat (gaining it rather) and I suspect I could fix up the food area and be more active.
    • Updating daily.
    • Start exploring NF again.
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Hokay, so. Update.


  • I'm doing super well.
  • I'm up for a promotion at work.
  • I've been super busy hanging out with friends the last month or two. It's been nice to find friends locally.
  • I had a birthday and my coworkers surprised me with a birthday party!
  • There may or may not be a girl interest in my life at the moment. :)
  • I've been eating very well.
  • I'm doing Whole 30 again soon.
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