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I was perusing the west meetup and saw a post from red_queen about a 5k - the run scared (http://www.runscared5k.com/). It occured to me that if I had seen it earlier I just may have dropped $5 for the race (the run is for leukemia and lymphoma). NF's are a very caring and giving group, I think, and it would be a great way to show support to members, especially when theres  a run (or whatever) in support of something that has affected my own life. Maybe a sub-topic under battlelogs, or woot?

I also remember when my cousin was going through muay thai internationals and some of the fundraising they did (mind you I think that was grant work, but still)

I believe races have a way of creating individual pages and can collect money there, for accountability.

I know I'd rather give $5 than go buy a latte

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