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I am new to this whole Quest/ challenge But I am giving it a go! 2015 is my year!!


Main Quest  

Lose weight

I am currently at 250 - 255 lbs. 

I would like to be at 175 lbs.

I know it will be hard work but I can do it!  


Life Goals:

Fit in to wedding dress and look fabulous (it may be a while but still) 

Skydive and not have to pay extra because of my weight


Challenge goals/ quests


Change diet to cut out the unhealthy things and focus on delicious healthy food.

January 2015 I will be doing a Whole 30 and after the month is over I would like to keep eating paleo. Fast food is not my friend.It doesn't even taste good.


Do the Level one Dumbbell work  out 3 times a week

I have everything to  to this workout I just need the motivation to do it. 


Move while I am at work

set alarms and walk around during the day instead of sitting at the desk all day.

Take stairs instead of the elevator. Its only 6 floors. 


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