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ScarletFyre's 2nd Challenge


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I am excited to start my second challenge!  I am still posting it in Level 1 Rebels, because I started late, then dropped off at the end (not excuses, but Holiday's and medical issues did not help).  Now I am ready to start the new year with a bang, both in the challenge and my workouts!


I really feel like I need/want to keep my quests the same as before, as this stuff still needs work:



Main quest:

To lose weight and build muscle



1 – Walk at lunch at least 4 times per week

2 – Do cardio at least 3 times per week and strength at least three times per week

3 – Create, get into, and stay in the habit of logging every meal, and by the end of this challenge I will be drinking 100 oz of water a day.


Life Quest

I want to be happy with my body and the progress I have made along my journeys


Why am I here? (motivation)

My motivation is that I want to be healthier and confidant.  My family has a history of diabetes and I want to get fit and lose weight to try and avoid this myself.  I also want to feel good in my clothes, and in my own skin; I believe building strength and fitness will help me with my confidence.



Update  - Week 1 

Jan 5-11

I have the flu, so no workout, but I have been drinking more water, and logging my food! :)  

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Update - Week 2

Jan 12-18

Monday - Migraine - but did not go over my calories haha

Tuesday -  Migraine - but did not go over my calories haha

Wednesday -walked 15 minutes twice (breaks at work),  did 45 minutes on the treadmill at the gym

Thursday - walked 15 minutes twice (breaks at work) attended my FIRST kickboxing class

Friday - walked 15 minutes twice (breaks at work), check in with trainer -

                -did plank my time was a bit lower than last month, but my abs were also pretty sore from kickboxing  :)

                -did inverted push ups

               -did squats

Saturday - did two mile walk with Leslie Sansone DVD

Sunday - rest day

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