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seeking advice: join class or go all-out with yogini

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Hi. Sorry if there's a thread on this already, i tried to search...


I am new to NF and wll be doing my first challenge soon: my main goal for the year will be to do the CPAT test and overall in life is a move towards sustainability. I dont do yoga now, but have always appreciated it and have done a few classes in the past. I'd like to start. I dont meditate although I am a farmer and like to hike, both at which I tend to fall into what I can only descibe as a meditative state, which  i love.

I am trying to come up with classes/group activities which I would like to do to get me out and working-out, this is a bit of a challenge b/c I live in a village where my options are limited. For yoga I have an option of a class which is one hour per week ($8/class) which is run by a friend who is very nice and presumably it is a nice social time. My other option is to goto my neighbour and ask her to be my yogini (is that the word?)  - She is...intense. And would be a teacher more n line with classic hindi (language and all). She's 84 (I think) and lives/breathes yoga. She takes students on for free, in any discipline (I have a friend who does chanting with her who thinks its great) - I'd be doing posures.

Here's the thing - I'm fairly terrified of having a yoga teaher being so close. The dissapointment if you dont succeed, the emotional closeness, the 1-1 aspect being so, I dont know, personal. Does anyone have this with a teacher? Do they like it? Do you get a lot out of the group/social classes?


thanks for any help!

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I have a yoga teacher in my family, so what shall I say? 


If you really do yoga there is no disappointment. You will learn this quite fast.


If I were you I would visit your neighbor immediately.


Yoga has developed into a modern discipline. In many yoga schools traditional stuff got lost to make it more trendy and so on.

Nothing can be better than experience. Most people will never get a chance to be so close to the idea of yoga like your neighbor might be.


You could also do both and see what suits you better ;)



At least ask her about your concerns. If she is the right teacher for you, she will make these disappear immediately ;)


Have fun discovering yoga!

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