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87 minutes. 30 hour fast. Late workout.

My second heavy squat session since finishing my rack. Abs and legs still sore from 4 days ago. Achieved sufficient extra reps to add weight to next squat. The 142.5 OHP load is getting easier. Considering moving wide grip pull ups to straight bar but keeping chins on rings. Need to research upright rows now that I'm doing them heavy.

Lowbar Squat 5x135, 5x5x185 (last two sets +1 and +2 reps)

OHP 5x135, 4x5x142.5

Pull Ups 5xbw, 4x5x30

Chin Ups 5x5x30

UprightRow 5x5x142.5

I had a boring New Years Eve and Day. That's what I deserve for being too cowardly to chase after girls. At least I finally installed my 512GB SSD and moved a ton of games to it, including some new ones. I started playing Shadow of Mordor. That's the reason for my late workout.

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1/3 Saturday.

141 minutes. 29hr fast. Subbed 1 DL/PushUp superset for 5 sets of pullups supered with the OHP/upright rows.

Severe weather knocked out power in my neighborhood Friday night. Still out. Moonlight workout! No music, I left my phone power pack at work. Candlelight dinner with a can of tuna as my date.

DL 8x(245, 255, 265, 275)

DBPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 115lb 8rep, 11x +8 restpause, 10x +10 restpause

UprightRows 115lb 8rep, 12x +8 restpause, 12x +8 restpause

PullUps 5x8xbw

LowBarSquats 5x8x165

PendlayRows 165lb 8x, 12x +8rp, 10x +8rp

Freaking out about my milk. I wanted to play my new games, cook, powersand, and vacuum. Power finally restored 230am Sunday.

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1/4 Sunday

93 minutes. 22hr fast. Knees are creaky today.

DL 8x135, 5x(225, 295), 3x5x320

Bench 5x135, 4x5x185

LowBarSquat 5x135, 4x5x185 +1

PendlayRows 5x185, 4x5x215

Calf raises 5x185, 4x5x215

Upped my squat load for next workout. Wasn't feeling DL, but I know I could have gotten extra reps. I blame weird sleep and weird food from power outage. I need to keep on top of my rest times. It's starting to slip again.

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96 minutes. Squat pacing is great. Once the dip belt goes on, pacing falls apart. First workout at 190 squats. Last workout at 190 squats... moving on to 195. OHP @142.5 is feeling stronger by very small increments each workout. Moved chins to straight bar with pull ups. Roasting the old ham bone and baking yams I found.



Lowbar Squat 5x135, 5x5x190 (last two sets +2 and +3 reps) 

OHP 5x135, 4x5x142.5
Pull Ups 5xbw, 4x5x30

Chin Ups 5x5x30
UprightRow 5x5x142.5



The yams are now gone. The ham bone is sitting with a bunch of chicken soaking in chili marinade. It will go in the slowcooker Thursday morning. Hambone and shredded chicken chili! I aimed it at super fucking spicy. We will see how it goes.

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[ 1 ] Ham bone, meaty

[1hr @385f] Roast

[ 12oz ] Beer, Golden ale

[ ] Deglaze

[ 5tbs ] Chili powder

[ 2tbs ] Cumin

[ 1tsp ] Black pepper

[ 2tbs ] Paprika

[ 2tbs ] "Mexican fiesta" herb/spice mix

[ 2tbs ] Salt

[ 2tbs ] Garlic

[ 3 ] Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce

[ 1tbs ] Adobo sauce

[ 2tbs ] Dark cocoa powder

[ 1 ] Ancho chili pepper, dried roasted seeded

[ ] Blend

[ 1 ] Onion

[ 12oz can ] Diced Tomatoes

[ 1/4 cup ] Jalapeños, pickled sliced

[ ] Pulse

[ 4.5 ] Chicken breasts, frozen

[ 6 pieces ] Chicken thighs, frozen

[ ] Combine

[ 32hr ] Marinade

[ 12hr low ] Slowcook

[ ] Shread

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I'm a bit fired up tonight. I wish it wasn't a rest day.

I asked girl out. She decided to already have a boyfriend. Its not the outcome I had hoped for, but it's not like I will spend a thousand lifetimes mourning the loss of what could have been. More than anything, I am feeling good that I had the balls to at least go that far. I usually don't. But now I have all this energy wanting to get out. It's a mix of frustration, arrogance, ego, adventurousness, and eagerness to prove and improve myself. It not really bad, just very volatile energy that needs to be utilized.

I hope I still burn tomorrow. I will use it.

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1/10 Saturday.

122 minutes. 26hr fast. Some distractions; baking russet potatoes, Googling StayPuft images, uploading vanity pic :P Still a fast Saturday workout.

DL 8x(245, 255, 265, 275)

DBPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 115lb 8x, 10x +8rp, 10x +10rp.

UprightRows 115lb 8x, 12x +8, 10x +8

PullUps 5x8xbw

LowBarSquat 5x8x165

PendlayRows 8x, 8x +8, 8x +8

(power cleaned to rack x3)

(ended on 1min plank)

Potato time!

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1/11 Sunday

91 minutes. 20hr fast. Extra reps on squats. One extra rep on OHP and pullups. Replaced UprightRows with ab work. Move squat load up. Keep OHP and pullup load steady.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x5x195, +3, +4

OHP 5x135, 4x5x142.5, +1

PullUps 5xbw, 4x5x30, +1

Chins 5x5x30

Plank variations 5xbw

Parm and garlic roasted romanesco, chili, and baked egg in avocado for dinner.

Biceps are toast. Who the fuck needs curls?

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1/15 Thursday

96 minutes. Plenty of extra squat reps. Knee creaking. Extra OHP reps. Up next load for both.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x5x200 (+1, +2, +3, +4)

OHP 5x135, 4x5x142.5 (+1, +1)

PullUps 5xbw, 4x5x30

Chins 5xbw, 4x5x30

Ab work 5sets

Squat strength is progressing fast. I need to work on knee health. Ease up on rest day stretching.

I need to do better at restricting rest day calories and Pre workout calories.

Once I stall on squats, I will reincorporate rotations of 3rep days and 5/3/1 days, and soon after make every workout day a carb day.

I'm thinking something like

Sun A 4x3

Tue B 4x5

Thu A 5/3/1

Sat A+B 5x8

Sun B 4x3

Tue A 4x5

Thu B 5/3/1

Sat A+B 5x8

Sun A 4x3

Tue B 4x5

Thu A 4x5

Sat A+B 5x8

Sun B 4x3

Tue A 4x5

Thu B 4x5

Sat A+B 5x8

This will give me a chance to test working 1rm on every big lifts once a month. 3/8ths of all workouts will be focused on 5rep, 1/4th on 3rep, and 1/4 on form and endurance work. I like it.

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1/17 Saturday

107 minutes. 24hr fast. Took last DL set to failure. Dropped remaining 5th sets, added dips.

DL 8x (245, 255, 265, 275 (+4))

DBPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 115lb 8x, 10x +8rp, 10x

UprightRows 115lb 8x, 8x +8rp, 8x

PullUps 4x8xbw

LowBarSquat 4x8x165

PendlayRows 165lb 8x, 8x +8rp, 8x

RingDips 3x8xbw

Slept all day. I suck at dips.

Carbing up. Experimenting on a baking project.

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1/20 Tuesday.

Happy Birthday me! I am 100000 years old in binary. 32 years in boring old decimal.

102 minutes. 24hr fast. Plenty of extra squat reps. Moving up next load. Completed new OHP load. Dips need work.

LowBarSquat 5x135 5x5x205 (+1, +2, +3, +4)

OHP 5x135, 4x5x145
PullUps 5xbw, 4x5x30

Chins 5xbw, 4x5x30
RingDips 5x5xbw

Carbing up.

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1/22 Thursday

100 minutes. Extra reps for new DL and bench loads. Move those loads up.

DL 8x145, 5x(225, 295), 3x5x330 (+1, +1)

Bench 8x135, 4x5x190 (+1, +2)

LowBarSquat 5x135, 4x5x190

PendlayRows 5x190, 4x5x215

CalfRaises 5x190, 4x5x215

Work followed me home today. No fault of mine. Let's see if I can get to sleep early tonight and wake up ready to deal with a fucked Friday.

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This weekend was really off for me. Unwilling to focus on workouts, insomnia, and stomach issues due to insomnia. I called in sick on Monday. Good news is that my strength wasn't any lower than expected. Anyways here are the workout logs.

1/24 Saturday

Workout took all fucking day. 30hr fast.

DL 8x (255, 265, 275, 285)

RingPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 115lb 10x, 8x +8rp, 10x

UprightRows 115lb 10x, 10x +8rp, 8x

PullUps 4x8xbw

LowBarSquat 3x8x165

PendlayRows 165lb 8x, 8x +8rp

RingDips 3x8xbw

Carbing after.

1/25 Sunday

109min. 18hr fast. Blasting right through linear progression on squats, but feeling first signs of a distant stall. OHP is steady.

LowBarSquat 5x135, 4x5x210 (+1, +2, +3, +4)

OHP 5x135, 4x5x145

PullUps 5xbw, 4x5x30

Chins 5xbw, 4x5x30

RingDips 5xbw, 2x3x30, 2x5xbw

Quiche all night. Not the source of my stomach problems, ate on Monday too.

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