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1/29 Thursday. BW = 185lbs.

120 minutes. Time is slipping. Measuring BW every Thursday morning for Wilks calculations. More warm up for squats. Same number of extra squat reps, but 10th rep on final set would have failed. Steadily adding 5lbs per squat day. OHP 1rep PR, not worth updating NF leaderboards. Dropped PullUps to bodyweight for this workout. Dips still troublesome.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x185, 4x5x215 (+1, +2, +3, +4)

OHP 5x135, 5x145, 3x155, 1x165, 1x170, 0x175(cleaned)

PullUps 5x8xbw

Chins 8xbw, 4x6x30

RingDips 8xbw, 2x3x30, 2x5xbw

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2/5 Thursday. BW = 185

122 minutes. DLx1 PR = 385. Failed 395. Extra bench reps. Move bench load up. Updated NF lifting leaderboard.

DL 8x145, 5x(225, 295), 5x335, 3x355, 1x365, 1x375, 1x385, 0x395

Bench 5x135, 4x5x197.5 (+1, +1, +2)

LowBarSquat 5x135, 4x5x197.5

PendlayRows 5x195, 4x5x215

CalfRaises 8x195, 4x8x215

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2/7 Saturday

127 minutes. 21hr fast. Moving shoulder sets weight up next Saturday. Big back muscles still DOMSing from Thursday.

DL 8x (255, 265, 275, 285)

RingPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 115lb 8x, 12x +8rp, 10x

UprightRows 115lb 8x, 11x +8rp, 8x

PullUps BW 8x, 8x +8rp, 8x

LowBarSquat 4x8x165

PendlayRows 4x8x165

RingDips 4x8xbw

Carbing. Failed experimental potato macaroons. The failure generated a new idea.

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Post workout meal tonight. Fatty protein, low carb.

Slow cooker chicken curry. Spicy. Delicious! Yes, there is about 3 quarts missing already. Ate it on a pound of broccoli.


Chicken thighs

Coconut milk

Diced canned tomato


Sliced jalapeños



Dijon mustard


Almond butter

Lemon juice


Curry powder

Chili powder


Black pepper





No basil :(

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2/8 Sunday

48 minutes at last OHP superset. Fast but Walking Dead interrupted. 130min total. Squats still going up. I'm surprised everytime now. One extra OHP rep. Deloaded Chins for now.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x185, 4x5x225 (+1, +2, +3, +4)

OHP 5x135, 4x5x145 (+1)

PullUps 5x8xbw

During The Walking Dead commercials;

Chins 8xbw, 4x6xbw

RingDips 8xbw, 4x5xbw

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2/10 Tuesday

105Min. Extra reps on new DL load. Found benefit from a backoff set. Started testing higher bench loads. Subtracted volume from middle. Moved row/calf load up to keep pace with bench load.

DL 10x145, 7x225, 5x295, 3x5x340 (+1, +1), 10x135

Bench 10x135, 3x5x200, 3x220, 2x230
LowBarSquat 5x135, 3x5x200

PendlayRows 5x185, 4x5x220
CalfRaises 8x185, 4x8x220

Bench wobbly and biceps strained. Form stability needs work! Strange because of all the ring pushups I do. I am guessing it's the lower body. Deadlift driving forward with purpose of making 4 plate by my deadlift anniversary. 9 days until my lift attempts for the NF valentine's virtual lift meet.

Carbing. Made potato carrot pancakes. Gone before pics.

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Thanks for checking in on me. I appreciate it.

I see that we are roughly the same strength. That will be fun to keep track of.

Haha you are far to generous. My squat seems to be better than yours but you closing in on 4 plates on pulls, doing over 2 plates for reps on bench, and that press...

But you are good motivation for me to keep getting stronger.

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You are a handful of kilos lighter. I was measuring wilks totals for the big3. And also the squat difference is large, at the moment. I hope to fix that soon. I only just made my squat rack at the end of last year and I have ancient life-altering knee damage. Both knees.


Anyways, double thanks for letting me know someone is parsing my workout log. That takes more slack out of it than anything.

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2/12 Thursday. BW = 188 (+3!)

I had planned this workout 4 days in advance. Starting time, duration, food, post workout activities, bed time. I was going to start at 550pm and be asleep by 1030.

Instead, my mom needed emergency computer repair. I got home at 940pm. So fuck me.

89 minutes. Tested squat loads above current linear progression. Tests proved that I'm a coward. I need to practice bailing onto my safety stands, so I can trust a big load on my back. Made OHP an unscheduled 5/3/1 day. Failed a big OHP PR attempt. Elbows got parallel to shoulders, though. Skipped last two chin/dip supersets. I need to sleep. But eat, shave, and shower before that.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x185, 5x225, 5x245, 3x255, 2x265, 1x275

OHP 5x135, 5x145, 3x155, 1x165, (0x175)

PullUps 5x8xbw

Chins 3x8xbw

RingDips 3x8xbw

For next week, I think I'll make my 3 squat attempts at 265, 280, 295.

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2/14 Saturday.

115 minutes. 23hr fast. Higher middle and tail loads. I pooped a lot, might explain the heavy weigh-in on Thursday. Worked out much later than I wanted to. Damn Civ5.

DL 8x(255, 265, 275, 285)

RingPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 120lbs 10x, 10x +8rp, 8x

UprightRows 120lbs 8x, 12x +8rp, 8x

PullUps 8x, 8x +8rp, 8x

LowBarSquat 4x8x170

PendlayRows 4x8x170

RingDips 4x8xbw

Carbing. Gonna skip carbs on Tuesdays. I wanna make sure I weigh-in at 185 or lower. One last load test for bench tomorrow. 245 possible? Did 2@230 with some volume in the sets before.

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Just curious, how tall are you shooting for 185?

I'm trying to get back to that weight, but it might literally be impossible for me given my height and my strentgh goals, so I'm kind of looking for a ballpark to try to get into.

Did I offer advice in my post?  Please keep the following in mind:

  • I am not a doctor nor any other kind of medical professional.
  • I am not a lawyer.
  • I am not a mental health provider
  • I am not a nutritionist
  • Your mileage may vary
  • I don't do anything in moderation
  • I have lots of injuries & if you train like me, you probably will too.



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Im 5'10". 5'9" before posture improvements. I still have fat around certain places. I did a semi successful crash diet before I figured that strong is the way to go about a year ago. Went from 220+ to 165 in about 4-5 months. Right now. if I was lean enough for a 6pack, I would probably be around 170-175. The main reason I want to shoot for 185 is that Ive held that weight every Thursday morning since mid November without having to pay any attention to it other than posting PRs. Suddenly, I went up 3 lbs in a week, right before it matters. Lately Ive been interested in doing a cut. A drop to 175 would put my OHP damn close to bodyweight. Its one of my goals.

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Well damn sir, we are the same size roughly and the same weight. I need to get stronger...

Haha I have a body weight PUSH press, hopefully I'll be doing 135 press for reps in the coming weeks.

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Well, if you decide to sell your old bench + rack right at the beginning of your strength journey but then procrastinate on building your replacement rack for 6 months, you will be pretty good at OHP and DL, and your squats will be shit. This is a fact.


I was doing ShortGorilla style workouts plus Pendlay every other day. DL, OHP, Row. Every time.

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2/15 Sunday.

Sets during commercials of walking/talking dead. 21hr fast. More load testing. Took out some volume for time and energy. Failed DL @390 due to exhaustion. Failed bench @235 due to form.

DL 10x165, 7x225, 5x295, 5x345, 2x360, 1x380, 0x390, 10x135

Bench 10x135, 5x205, 4x215, 3x220, 2x230, 0x235, 5x205

PendlayRows 5x205, 4x5x225

CalfRaises 8x205, 4x8x225

Civ5 workout killer strikes again. Just one more turn. Darius of Persia is being a dick. He's got something special coming while he wars on my friends. I am Alexander the Great of Greece, everyone is my friend. Everyone except those who challenge my victory.

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2/17 Tuesday.

87 minutes. Escalated squat intensity. New calculated 1rm (287). One extra OHP rep. Cut last two supersets. No carb tonight.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x(185, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255)

OHP 5x135, 4x5x145 +1

PullUps 5x8xbw

Chins 3x8xbw

RingDips 3x8xbw

I took Darius' mountainous coastal city by sea. I let a stream of infantry increase the height of those mountains, with the help of my off-coast battleship firing line. Then, I cracked Darius' fortress of wonders, and won by votes on the next turn. Fuck you Darius! Almost as much of an asshole as Gandhi.

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2/21 Saturday.

145 minutes. 23hr fast. Bloody shin, someone has a voodoo doll... Higher middle and tail loads. Raising them again next week. Paused most squat reps in the hole. Long workout duration: baking, chores, finding fucking batteries. Ended on some planks.

DL 8x(255, 265, 275, 285)

RingPushUps 4x12xbw

OHP 125lbs 8x, 10x +8rp, 8x

UprightRows 125lbs 8x, 12x +8rp, 8x

PullUps 8x, 8x +8rp, 8x

LowBarSquat 4x8x175

PendlayRows 4x8x175

RingDips 4x8xbw

Planks 2x20xbreaths

Carbing. Put down civ5. Gnomoria at fault this week. I went overboard with my diet after my VVLL. There was a big dinner at my place, and I think I put down well over 2.5k calories worth of junk. That was after a 2k+ lunch and preworkout. Luckily the food was cold and old and I shot most of it into the toilet.

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