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3/22 Sunday.

No tracked time, Walking Dead. 19hr fast. New 3rep loads for DL and bench. Used a belt for DLs.

DL 10x135, 5x225, 5x295, 3x3x365, 5x295, 5x225, 10x135

Bench 10x135, 4x3x225
FrontSquat 10x135, 4x1x225
KrocRows 5x12x100

PendlayRows 5x5x225
CalfRaises 5x10x225
Planks 3x20breaths
Assisted RazorCurls 2x8xbw

Rookiebeotch uses BELT. Its super effective!

Carbed tonight. Sunday usually isnt a carb day. Bulking.



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3/24 Tuesday.

?min. Took forever: fixing phone, poop, cooking, video editing. Did 50-50 challenge after my 5x5 squats. Completed 4x5x150 OHP for the first time. Removed GMs for this workout.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x185, 5x225, 5x5x255, 50x97.5

OHP 8x135, 4x5x150
PullUps 5x8xbw

Assisted RazorCurl 5x8xbw
Planks 5x20xbreaths



Holy fuck! That 50-50 challenge is by far the most cardio I have done in a long time. My breathing was ragged. I will do that again, for sure!


Carbing. Eating like shit. Bulking. Fuck! Stop wasting time and go to sleep!

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3/26 Thursday.

156min. Fell asleep in the car after I got home. Started workout late and sluggish. I wanted both heavy and volume for DLs, so I went 5/3/1/3/5. Going straps and belt for all working 5rep DL loads and heavier. Failed a FrontSquat rep and cut off mid group super setted accessories from that point for time and energy. Got lots of extra bench reps as a result. Puts my calc 1rm at over 250. Upping bench loads. Lightened PendlayRows to match bench load for form. Upped CalfRaise reps to 12. Cut Planks in favor of a full 5 sets of RazorCurls.

DL 10x135, 5x225, 5x295, 5x355, 3x370, 1x390, 3x365, 5x345, 10x135

Bench 10x135, 4x3x210 (+2, +2)

FrontSquat 10x135, 2x210

KrocRows 12x100

PendlayRows 5x5x210

CalfRaises 5x12x210

Assisted RazorCurls 5x8xbw

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Skipped Saturday workout due to time mismanagement and DOMSing back muscles from those heavy DL sets on Thursday. This is the first missed workout since September.

My weigh in on Thursday was 205. I forgot to note it. Bulking is fun but I'm starting to get a crappy bloated self awareness. Thighs have greatly increased in size. Hamstrings mostly.

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3/29 Sunday

147min, lots of cooking and stretching. 19hr fast.

Belted squats and OHP. Will continue to do so for 3rep loads and heavier. New squat load, extra rep. Extra reps on OHP.

LowBarSquat 8x135, 5x205 3x255, 5x3x275 (+1)

OHP 8x135, 4x3x157.5 (+1, +1)

PullUps 5x8xbw

Assisted RazorCurl 5x8xbw

Planks 5x20xbreaths

Pulled mid back on very first clean to get 135 up to the squat rack. Had to spend time loosening it. Still sore from Thursday. Belt helped on squats a great deal. Form was much better. Belt gave me peace of mind during OHP. I was due for a PR on 3rep.

Carbing hard. Pics of my feast soon.

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I cooked all this up between sets on Sunday.

Pressure cooker shredded chicken breast in bbq sauce.

-3 frzn chicken breast

-chicken broth

-salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, thyme, oregano

Bbq sauce





-instant coffee

-cacao powder

-chili powder, paprika, black pepper, salt, cumin, Ghost pepper sauce, sriracha

Jasmine rice with some rice flour based baby food.

-305g carbs worth of Jasmine rice

-the leftover broth from cooking the chicken

-1/2 cup rice flour baby food

-2 tbsp gelatin

A liter of milk postworkout.

-1L fat free milk





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Aw fuck. I'm over trained. Snuck up on me. I can't grip the bar or type on my phone very well.

Biceps. Wtf. I don't even curl and I cut out Chins recently. Fucking pulling on tangled pool towels at work did me in this week. Fuck. Biceps are super swollen. I cut a bunch of stuff from my workout tonight. Need to sleep for real.

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3/31 Tuesday

Bad workout. Biceps shot. Rear and internal rotator cuff to a lesser degree. Bicep issue affecting grip. Cut a lot of volume including a DL set, FrontSquat, and all rows. Only 4-rep on last bench set. Bicep was heavily strained and painful on eccentric portion of bench.

DL 10x157.5, 5x225, 5x295, 2x5x355

Bench 10x135, 5x185, 4x5x212.5 (-1)

StiffLeg DL 4x8x212.5

CalfRaise 4x12x212.5

Whatever. Let's see if I can sleep enough to recover.

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4/2 Thursday. BW = 201

Did my squats. That's it. Leftside rear shoulder pain and left bicep pain. I still can't figure it out. Unracked my warmup for OHP, and I immediately put it back.

LowBarSquat 10x135, 5x205, 5x5x260

Squats were better despite shoulder pain. Thanks to the video Matty posted. My core is stronger than I thought, but still not strong as I would like.

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Oh! I'm happy that video helped.  I thought it was great and I'm gonna watch parts of it again before next week's session.


Yea, deload weeks are kind of awful, but it sounds like yours would be needed and might be a bit overdue.

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When I talk about deload weeks it's usually BB stuff. I never actually do planned deload weeks cause I'm not a little bitch, but when I envision them that's how they are.

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