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[archive / outdated] Challenge Instructions (Updated Jan 1, 2015)

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What is the 6 Week Challenge? Why do I want to join?

The Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself to level up your life over the next 6 weeks. You’ll do this by:

  • Creating SMART goals
  • Declaring them publicly in your thread
  • Getting to know your guild members and creating a team to help keep you accountable
  • Updating your progress on a regular basis (for some people this is daily, for some it’s weekly)
  • Grading yourself at the end

When do these happen?
Every 6 weeks, with a week break in between. As the number of weeks in the year is not evenly divisible by 7, some challenges have a 2 week break in between.

It’s that simple!

I'm in. How do I start?

1) Pick your goals.

First start by determining your main quest - where do you want to be in a few months? This can be general and non specific. Do you want to get stronger? Faster? Lose 30lbs?

Now, take that quest and pick three specific goals (diet and fitness related) that will help you get there, and think about what you are going to do to complete those goals over the next 6 weeks.

These goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely)
Helpful References:
How to NOT suck at goal setting
What's your Main Quest

2) Pick A Life Side Quest (If you want)
This quest is a side quest, and is optional! It’s not related to diet and fitness, but would help you level up your life. Examples would be to create and follow a budget, to keep your house clean, or to read one book every week for the duration of the challenge.

3) Pick a guild
Pick a guild based on your main quest. Your guild will be your “team” to help hold you accountable! You can switch guilds every challenge if you want - so this is not a permanent decision!

  • If you are a first time challenger, are new to Nerd Fitness and the challenges, are new to fitness and your goals , or don’t want to specialize, you are a Recruit.
  • If you are doing your first challenge and want to be grouped with other first time challengers, post your thread in the Recruit subforum.

For everyone else - click here for more information on the guilds.

4) Post your thread.
Include a little bit about yourself, what your goals are, and how you are going to accomplish them.
Some people do a full background, some don’t. How much information you choose to put in here is up to you!

Okay, got it! Now that I’m going, what do I do?
During the challenge, Update your thread as much or as little as you want discussing your successes and troubles. Encourage and participate with others - typically with these, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Finish the Challenge
At the end grade yourself with how you think you did on a level of A-F, and write a summary on how you did. The more measurable your starting goals, the more accurate your grade can be. Post your grade and challenge summary in the thread your guild leader puts up for you.

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I just found this and don't want to wait until the next challenge!  Can I join in?

Sure.   Better late than never :)

Do I start a new challenge thread every challenge?
Yes, every challenge is individual and separate from your previous.  A new challenge forum will be opened for every challenge.
How do I access my old challenges?
You can find all your old challenges here, organized by the start date of the challenge.
How long should it take me to complete my main quest?
Anywhere from 6 weeks to (unlimited).  
Your main quest could be to be able to run your first 5k, which for some people would take 6 weeks, and others could take a year.
It could be to compete at nationals for your sport, which could take 2-3 years.  It doesn't matter.
Do I have to have the same main quest every challenge?
Nope.  Absolutely not.  You can change it every challenge if you would like.
Does it have to be diet/fitness related?  I'm injured/got the diet and fitness thing down already?
Nope.  If you want it to be a level up your life challenge, go for it.  
Is the Life quest something that needs to be completed in this challenge, or could it be something more long term?
It can be either - if it's longer term I'd suggest doing the same thing as with the main quest - breaking it down into smaller goals that you can complete in the 6 week challenge timeframe.

Tell me about the guilds!
More info can be found here
What do I have to do to officially join a guild?
Nothing really.  Join the challenges and select the guild that best fits yours goals. That's it!

I was a (warrior/scout/ranger) last challenge but now want to be an (assassin/druid/monk).  Can I switch?
Do I have to pick a class?
Yes, this is how we categorize everyone's threads and make sure you're grouped with people who have similar goals.  if you're still new to fitness, and not sure of a focus, pick the adventurers   :)
Do I have to take part in the roleplaying game?
Nope, absolutely not.  If gaming isn't your thing - don't worry about doing it    :)

Wait, role-playing game? What's that?

Details can be found here (note: this system is going to be switched to a new system that is less confusing early in 2015)


Can I multi-Class?
Not for this! Sorry - you'll need to pick one per challenge.
How do I get one of those guild images to show up under my name and info when I post?
1. Go to your profile 

2. Click the Edit my Profile button. 

3. Scroll down and at the bottom you will see a Class dropdown box. Select your guild and the crest will show up automatically.
Can I complete mini quests from other guilds?
Nope.  Please stay within your own guild.
Some guilds have more mini quests than others.  What gives?
Due to the nature of training, some guilds will be able to have more mini quests, while with others more mini quests mean that they could really mess with the guild member's main quest - so it really is guild dependent.  Some also have entire challenge long mini quests while some only last a few days to a week.  
How will I know when a mini-quest is posted?
Check in with your guild leaders - they will let you know.
What is the purpose of the teams/squads/accountibilibuddies?
To help hold you accountable.  These are 100% for you.  HERE is a thread on different ways to use a team.
I had a squad/team that I really liked last challenge.  Can I keep it this time?
Sure, though please try to reach out to a new challenger and let them join in to make them feel welcome.  Also, you may learn something from adding someone new to your group   :)
Can I join more than one squad/team?
Absolutely.  Whatever works best for you - just we advise against joining SO MANY that it's overwhelming for you to keep up.
Is this a required part of the challenge?
No.  It's just for fun.
Where can I find the details?
Here is the information on creating your character
Here is the information on gaining stat points
Why are first timer stat points different?
As for the why, we did some math and over 90% of people fail or drop out of their first challenge.  We've found a few things:

  • people focus more on mini challenges than their own challenge
  • people put so much focus into understanding the stat points system that they don't focus on picking correct goals.  I get a ton of emails from people more worried about the stat points than their goals - and at that point, the stats are detracting from the goals altogether.



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