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jengetsit: 6 Week Challenge


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Challenge is half over. Time to recommit and focus on a good three weeks :)


Good idea! :)


From what I have seen... last week was the "funk" week for a lot of people.  It sure was for me, this weekend included!  Good for you for recommitting and refocusing.  We can do this!


Yeah, last week was a wash but this week has been good so far!

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I didn't post diet on Sunday and Monday but I stayed on track and within my cal limit. 


Last night I went to the gym ...


warm up: walk 25 min


Squat: 5x5x65

Bench: 5x5x55

Rotary Lat: 3x10x30



So I went up on weight for squats and bench. As far as challenging myself goes, squats still feel light to me. Bench is a little more challenging at 55 but I'm not struggling on the last set at all. This is definitely the hardest part for me--being much stronger than what I can lift. My back and neck pain don't seem to get the message that this weight isn't really that hard for my body to handle. But if there is one thing I have learned about chronic pain, it's that there is no "logic" to it. It's not reasonable. It doesn't make sense. 


So I'm hoping this increase will be okay and I'll know later today and tonight. 


Today I have a weird schedule, so I'm not sure if I'll get my walk in or not. 

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So I went up on weight for squats and bench.


Great job on upping your weights.  That always feels like a huge gold star to me in my personal, mental book.  *grin*  Doing it with your chronic pain issues only means you should get a double star!

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