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kegivegi comes back to fitness


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Introduction:  Hi, I am Kegivegi and this is my first challenge. I used to be regular in gym weightlifting section and I am still in healthy weight range/reasonably fit, but due to being busy and lifestyle changing, I have not gotten into gym more than a few times during the last 6 months. My life has gotten so busy due to my son being homeschooled and all gyms being far away. Numerous times I have intended to start exercising at home, but I've never kept to it for more than a few times. I need to get back to it for my own sanity, well-being and happiness.


Main Quest:  Get consistent in doing exercise.


Quest 1: Every evening do a set of exercises:

  • warmup - 10 wall slides;
  • core - each for up to a minute (or however long I can)
    • plank
    • side planks
    • reverse plank
    • hollow and superman holds

  • upper body - as many pushups as I can without rest
  • lower body - static hold of wide squat for up to 3 minutes

I do it in the evenings instead of mornings because for some reason I feel more motivated in the evenings, whereas in the mornings I have a hard time getting out of bed to exercise; I feel cold; I get confused if I need to visit toilet first etc.


Quest 2: Sleep at least 8 hours every night. I am using Sleep As Android app to keep track of it and it has helped me keep to it. Sleep is often-neglected part of fitness, but I cannot afford to neglect it. My motivation and stress levels are severely impacted if I skip this. To be honest, it seems that I need even more than 8, but this seems to be the minimum.


Quest 3: Eat no more than one piece of candy/cake/chocolate/sweet/etc each day. None is inhumane, but too many will impact my waistline. I already eat pretty healthy, but I seem to be getting overboard with sweets now and then.


Life Quest 1: Every day do something to organize/get rid of some of my stuff. It may be a small thing like taking pictures of items to sell; or slightly bigger such as sorting through a drawer to decide what to keep or not; to even bigger as dropping off a bag of unused clothes to a charity - but do at least something every day. I have too many things and the mess is bogging me down.


Life Quest 2: Every day do something fun, just for the enjoyment of it. It may be something so small as just watching a funny video on web, reading a chapter from a book, drawing a picture etc, or bigger like going out to dance, hiking or on a date - but do something every day. Too often when my life gets structured, I forget to have fun, and so I don't want to have that structured life. 


Motivation:  I want to have quality life, right now and for as long as I can. I got serious about fitness when my back started being sore all the time and the doctor said it was just weak core muscles. Workouts helped me fix it. I don't want to get bent over, instead I want to be able to do anything a quality life involves. If I cannot go to gym and do my workouts there, I should take care of my body at home. Organizing/getting rid of stuff and doing something fun are the quality life that I want to have.

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Hi Kegivegi!


I too feel more motivated in the evenings instead of the morning when it comes to exercise. A part of me thinks it's because I've had a day of food and feel more fueled up.
When it comes to cleaning/organising though, I do my best work in the morning.
Apart from catch up, 8 hours should defnitely be enough sleep on a regular basis. What foods do you normally eat?
In another thread, someone wrote that plan to mark everything for the last date they used it. Would that work for you with regards to your life quest?

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Hi Pureleeawesome!


Thank you so much for taking an interest!


I actually think it is my panic in the evening that makes me more motivated - I don't want this day go to waste! Whereas in the morning I have a whole day ahead of me to do anything I feel like Then again I need to see to it that it doesn't evolve into doing everything long into the night because I should be working in the mornings, too, so otherwise I won't get my 8 hours of sleep...


As for my diet, I am completely addicted to everything dairy. Not a day goes by without a glass of milk, but often enough there's also cottage cheese, curds and cheeses. For morning I usually eat eggs with some vegetable that I happen to have on hand; for lunch and dinner I see to it that I have a piece of meat and some veggies, everything else only in case I don't get my belly full. I do not write it down any more, I do not measure anything - I try to listen to my body for the amounts it needs. For a while I was writing everything down by the gram, but that became unhealthy obsession, bingeing whenever I had an excuse not to write it down... So I dropped it and I feel better for it.


My life quest of organizing - most of this stuff I really have not used for ages or don't plan to use any more, so there's really no point in labeling it for me - it's either stay or go. It just takes time.

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I like your goals, I think it's the way you state them so matter-of-factly, it is apparent that you really know your problem areas and what the change is you want to see.

I know what it's like to be pretty far from a gym - are there other facilities near by? I have a community hall near me that I found out has yoga and old ladies that do line dancing. Often there are courts, such as tennis, and other sport things tucked away in corners, maybe that would help? I'm not sure how homeschooling works, but maybe the two of you can do some good workouts in a "phys.ed." type time? I'm not sure, sorry if that is just wrong...

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Hi shapeshifter!


Thank you for stopping by!


There is even no shop in the village I currently live at (6km to closest) so no, no sports facilities. I know that in schools nearby (that is 5-10km) there are different group activities, but I don't have the time, especially on scheduled time. To be honest, I think that if I had a gym nextdoors, I wouldn't go there, because I know it takes at least 1.5 hours for a workout plus washing and changing clothes and I wouldn't go to gym to do a half-assed workout. That's why I am rather looking towards home workouts that I somehow seem to make work. Well the workout above is just ~10 minutes and I will wash myself at that time anyway, so win-win. Also, I am doing working out the old-fashioned way sometimes - by garden work. Today I shoveled the snow by hand and it felt good!


About combining workout with homeshooling - let's say that's another whole can of worms that I won't go into in this forum. Let's say the workout for me in "phys ed" type of thing is practically nonexistent. I don't say that it couldn't work for anyone else to do it like that, but for me that is so.

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The first update of the status of my challenge:


I saw no reason to delay starting the challenge until the actual start date so the few days from registering I have been doing it already!


Quest 1: I already replaced reverse planks with L-sit (progression) because it seemed like it did nothing to me. The important numbers here are currently as follows:

  • plank - 1 minute, shaking, but I can manage
  • side planks - 30sec each
  • L-sit - 30sec plus a few of heel-supported L-sit
  • hollow - seems that I miss the form, I'm able to hold it ~20sec
  • superman - seems like I get painful burps while doing this, so I've cut it short on a few seconds every time
  • pushups - 6
  • squat - 1 minute plus

I will also add that if I should manage to get to gym some day, I might skip this bedside workout. Looking forward, I see challenges on a few of coming days as I'll be travelling to another country and one day I'll get there at midnight and another day I will get back to my home hour past midnight (so I'll need to sacrifice either this or next).


Quest 2: Going strong, with hours to spare :)


Quest 3: That's a hard one. The very first day that I tried to keep to this rule, it seemed like I MUST eat that one piece of candy or something - it's not a max, it's a minimum! I did fail the first day. But I've been better at it ever since.


Life Quest 1: Actually, I've been going strong with it every day since the year started, even before I wrote this as my quest here. It's not even a resolution thing, rather I just feel energized to do it currently. Today I dropped off two big bags of clothes me, my son or my sister won't wear any more for different reasons. Previous days, I made a piece of cloth that was always sitting in the closet, into a bed cover; I reorganized a few shelves so now I know where everything is and put away some things that were out in the open/on top of the closet all the time.


Life Quest 2: I knew this would be the hardest of all, but I think I can say that every day there has been at least one little thing I did for fun. Nothing spectacular to bring out here, though.

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Hi there!!


I’m Chris-Tien Jinn, an ambassador for the Assassin Guild. Despite the name, we are a VERY friendly guild, filled with people who enjoy a wide variety of activities and fitness goals!


For more information about the guild, stop by the Info & Announcements thread.  Also, check out the Assassin's Phonebook, which lists the names of people who are working on various aspects of fitness and life changes.  This is a great place to connect with someone who is working on goals similar to yours.  Don't be shy about following them or sending a message if you have questions!!!   


You can also stop by the Assassin's Den - a general chat thread in the guild forum – and introduce yourself.  You can always ask questions there, but I warn you that we tend to be pretty silly there and love to post gifs …. especially of cute animals!!


If you ever have any questions or need help with anything, let me know.  You can grab my attention by using the quote button at the bottom right corner of any of my posts.  I have the forum setting turned on to alert me when somebody quotes me using that button, so it's a quick easy way to let me know you're talking to me. You can also get in touch with me by posting on my own challenge topic or by using the forum private messenger system (the envelope button at the very top right of the screen).


Someone from the Assassin's Guild will stop by every week to check on your progress, but don't be a stranger!!  The most successful people around here reach out and get support from others - novices and veterans alike!  A great place to meet up with other (new) Assassins is in the Assassin Initiates Accountabilities Group   - stop by when you have a chance!!

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My second update.


The travel went as expected - it completely messed up my successful start. I did no workouts, I didn't sleep 8 hours on any of the nights. During the travel I did some organizing of my electronic things - deleted excess pictures from my phone and organized files that I have synchronized to cloud - and as a complete surprise, was able to keep to one treat per day.


Yesterday I was home from travel already, but I still acted like I wasn't. But I am starting out again today. I slept 10 hours, already got some fun in the form of browsing the Internet and some organizing done and I haven't had any sweets (yet). I'll be doing my workout in the evening and going to sleep on time.


So even though I failed a bit on these travel days, I will get back to it!

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Yea, it's difficult to keep up to the promises made... I've half-assed a few workouts - but at least I did them. One day there was an electricity outage exactly while I was doing the workout and I didn't finish, although the workout I have really doesn't need any light. Another day my phone's battery was dead - and I am using it usually to time my workout, so I played it by ear... And I am sure without seeing those numbers moving, I spent less time in each pose. However, I am up to 9 pushups - restoring the strength comes quicker than gaining it the first time. I'll have to think of a way to make this harder - put some books under my feet or something. And I am also pushing the border of usefulness in my L-sit first progression level - I tried raising a heel off ground yesterday already. So, it is working!


However, I'll have to think of a way to set a reminder of going to bed/starting the preparations on time because there have been moments when I have to choose between 8 hour sleep (or later wake-up) and workout. So far it has turned out okay-ish, but I don't think I have been doing my best there.


Sweets are under control and both life goals are doing fine - I get even more done than one thing most days.


There's another, longer, travel coming up, but this time I will most probably find the time to do most of the things on my list. Only organize part will be difficult there as there's really little I can do while being away - and some of it I already did during the previous travel.

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Travel time can be really a good thing since a lot of your normal distractions don't follow you, and even healthy meals can seem like a treat because they are new.  I used to be really fit when I traveled 50% of the year for work and treated it like a health spa event. 


Let us know how you're doing!!!

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"We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn

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For me the travel time has been really difficult this time around. In addition to massive jetlag I picked up a stomach bug for a few days and was barely eating anything during that time, nor getting any good sleep - and of course no workout. I am finally better now.


The goal not to eat more than one piece of candy every day has really been fulfilled throughout this time. During all of this trip I have actually just eaten one ice cream (when every other food seemed to be repulsive) and one little square of chocolate when I was already feeling a bit better. I have been sleeping well only the last couple of nights. I am yet to come back to workouts as I was feeling still pretty weak, but I think I will try to do the first one later today. As for organizing, the whole trip might be called one for organizing as I am actually here to help my friend go through a difficult time, helping him get set up in a better way. Oh, and fun - I think travel is fun all for itself!


So I'm doing well enough, thanks for both of you for stopping by! Still, I can't wait to get back home and to my normal schedule.

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I keep on coming back!


Actually, I didn't get to doing my first workout after the pause until yesterday. During travel there are so many extra distractions, extra activities that I have to do that it just doesn't happen. It probably also depends on the nature of the travel... I've been back home a few days, first experiencing jetlag again and sleeping like 10-15 hours each night (so sleeping goal fulfilled!), but feeling so tired all the time that I preferred to go to sleep instead of working out before that.


Yesterday, finally, I did my first workout. I had lost some of my progress, but it wasn't that bad. Consistency is more important than progress at this time anyway.


Sweets goal also filled most days - there was one day when I went over it, but there were also some days where I had none, so it evens out.


Fun goal fulfilled, definitely. I've yet to do anything big with it, but I've been reading books somewhat, and I enjoy it. I should try to get out of my personal bubble for fun sometimes as well...


Organize goal has fallen to the wayside kind of, but I will need to get back to it as well. I need to empty out this room before I move next time (which is in a few months)! I will have to work more on it.

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Yea - keep coming back to it.  It will eventually stick and get easier.  


Have you been able to get to your workouts this week???

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"We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn

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I have actually been pretty good with workouts since the last entry. I did skip three:

  • One because I got home late, ate late and had my stomach too full to do core exercises that evening
  • Next one after that because I just forgot (oops!) until I was already in bed and falling asleep
  • One because I went out to a concert, jumped so much that I was completely tired (so it was kind of a workout, too, although a very different one than what I usually do) and then decided it's much better to sleep after that.

But I'm getting better at workouts, too. I am already doing 10 pushups and the time spans that I can hold each of the positions has grown, I'm even holding back a bit not to tire myself out. I once did a too long superman, and the result was that my back ached for two days. Not going to do that again. It was a good reminder to be careful about progressing.


I've been great at other things as well. Fun goal = always done. Organize, sweet limiting and sleep goals = mostly done. I think I am good.


I am now thinking about what I am going to do once the challenge is over. I think I will continue, maybe change an exercise or two - I'd really like to get a pull exercise in the mix, but I haven't figured out yet how to do it. I also think that I will not enroll in the next challenge. I started writing down the workouts in my diary. Write down workouts, then a bit about how life in general is going, more or less each evening. It's great to have them there - but I am not too social, so I don't feel the need for publishing things to others. I'm also not visiting other participants' posts etc because I just don't feel like I want to, so it's not being part of the team spirit that keeps me at it. Thanks for everyone who has been stopping by on mine, but it seems I'm just a hermit by nature.

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