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Mel-Issa's slow road to recovery and improvement


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I am in need of some desperate help to be held accountable.  I need to make these changes stick this year.  So here is what I have come up with for a challenge:


1) Get your butt moving

               This means that everyday I will will get up and move continuously for a minimum of 30 minutes.  It can be mall walking, walking outside, doing some sort of beginning running program or walking in place.  I need to break out in a sweat, no matter the activity.


2) Get your body stronger

                This means that three times per week I will be doing some bodyweight exercises.  I will follow the beginner body weight workout, minus the walking lunges (I HATE lunges).  I will start out with only doing one circuit per day workout and add as I go am successful from there, but by the end of the 6 weeks, I want to be able to do 3 circuits three times per week. 


3) Get your stuff logged

                Since I am on a weight loss pill, I need to make sure that I am logging all of my food, which I am pretty good at, but I haven't been logging everything that I am drinking.  Nor have I been getting enought plain water in, so I am going to make sure I focus on that again.  I hate logging but I have seen that when I don't, I make poor choices and eat way to much, so I have to make sure I am doing it.


4) Get your veggies and fruits in

                 I need to work on increasing this per doctor.  So, I am going to work on adding 1 serving of fruit or veggies per day.


I am not sure if I want to have it be pass/fail or if there will actually be grading involved.  I will post about that later.  But there it is - my plan for the next 6 weeks.  If you read this and don't see me post daily on all 4 of these goals, please harass me.  Send me a msg, post on the thread, post on my battle log(where all of this is posted also), come to chat and bug me, email me(if you have my email), call/text me(if you have my phone number), just do something to force me to be honest about what I am doing and helping to hold me accountable.


Also, if you have any other suggestions as to how to help me stay accountable, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Even though the challenge hasn't officially started, I have been working on these three goals.


Update from 1/3/15:

1)Get your butt moving - I had to get a phone from my brother for my oldest daughter, so we met at the mall of america  Once that was done, I walked around for about 20 minutes, working up a little sweat.  :)


2)Get your body stronger - Nothing done for this yet


3) Get your stuff logged - Everything that touched my mouth went on my log for MFP.  That includes all of the Crystal light I drank.  PLUS I drank 2 normal glasses of water!


4) Get your veggies and fruits in - I did add collard greens to dinner last night for my one serving.  :)


I still haven't figured out if I want this to be pass/fail or lettered grading but I am going to comit to making sure I post updated for each day at least once a week. I am going to try to get on here daily to write about the previous day.  Overall yesterday was a very productive and happy day for me.  :)

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