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Sailin' the Seven Seas fer Freedom n' Friendship! [The Cutlasses]

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I'll be stickin' wit ye on th' next challenge if ye have one, but one o' me goals next challenge is ter take on less 'sponsibility in th' challenge. If ye decides not ter sail next time, I hear strange tales o' tentacled beasties in nearby waters!

(Hmmm.  Poorly written so I'd better translate:  If you do have the group next time, yes I'd like to participate.  I don't, however, have the time to dedicate to being a ship captain-- but that doesn't mean I don't desire to do it, either.  This just is a busy time for me and I want to be wise with how I use my time.

If you decide not to hold the group next time, that's cool and I have other things -- other beasties -- to pursue.)

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Yay. Thank you :3 I be mighty excited to be enterin' in to the next challenge a true CutLass even if we must take a break from sailing. Maybe simply a thread to keep in touch this time around would suffice. I've still got quite a bit of learnin' before I be ready to captain a vessel. 

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It seems a pause be in order indeed, while some real life demons be slain!


If'n ye wants teh keep up with yer shipmates, mayhap it would be wise teh find their current challenges and follow?  Or start a PM chat thread. ^_^


It's been fantastic sailin' with ye all; I just wish I had more time.  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, adulting. :(

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Thank ye all for a grrrrrrrrrrrrrand time on board!!


Loved it but don't feel up to captain yet, maybe at a later stage. Ahoy to a new challenge of glory an awesome as is, be strrrrrrong mates  :triumphant:

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How cool is it that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you, too

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