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Ok so week 2 is in the books, I'd give my self a B for the week. The goal this week is to run 1 mile in under 13 min. I'll elaborate more later. I'm at work now. Tonight goes, work -> Gym -> home! Can't wait.


Well I'm done for the day. Gym went great I have already accomplished my goal for week three :) today I ran a mile in 12:45! Felt good. It's tough to run fast after doing dead lifts lol. I ate pretty well last week, there are things I could have done better but I really need to keep up the regular exercise & diet this week. My goal is to get 3 workouts in this week.

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Well week 2 is done.

I managed to drop another half inch on my waist & chest, so no complaints there.

I didn't manage to finish a book this week and I still only managed one run.

My week three my goals are to increase my plank to 120 seconds, crow stand to 30 seconds, definitely get in two runs and get my pushups up to 20 per set.

Good luck for next week everyone.

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Grade Week 3: A-

Push ups: Went from 17 Incline to 20 incline (1 set on a lower level than I started). Didn't try any full ones this week. But since I hit 20 on the incline, I'll be moving up to those this week hopefully. A

Planks: Increased plank time by 11 seconds. I wish it was more consistent though. I can only do the long times after at least 1 days rest. I'm averaging about 90 seconds consistently. A-

Diet: My mind thinks mostly Paleo. I had a crappyish weekend because it was easier for Anna to buy a large amount of crappy food for a big group of movers. So it was Subway, pizza, starbucks and Chicken strips from jack in the box. Now that is done, I can go back to normal eating. I'll give myself a B- since the rest of the week was pretty close to perfect. B-

Organizing: Finished my desk which is a huge accomplishment. I'm hoping to start in on my closet this week. A

Self Esteem: Feeling a lot better about myself lately. I've had a few off moments, but who doesn't? I was kicking ass during the move this weekend, and feeling stronger gives me a ton of confidence. B+

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Grade week 3: B overall

Fitness/diet: A

Started StrongLifts, simplifying and relieving stress of trying to fit in 4 trips to the gym each week + my PT session.

Belt is starting to get too big, keep trying to go past the last notch

Personal: C

Bathroom Clean: failed

Time with husband: failed. Spent most of the weekend out with friends.

Platinum hair: Stalled - Final appointment on the 17th

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Hey all! This week's Healthy Recipe theme: QUINOA! NEVER made it before, only tried it a few times. If interested at all, more will be posted by Sunday on my thread.

My thread:


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WEEK 4: A-

Push ups: 6/5/5/4 Full push ups! A

Planks:Went from 2:15 to 2:04 I'm not sure what's going on, but my shoulders and lower back hate me on planks now. C for effort

Diet: All good here A

Organizing: I got my dresser and half my closet done. A

Self esteem: I'm liking the body transformation. B+

You are a freaking inspiration!


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I fell off the wagon a bit this week, and only went for 1 run, but I'm going to restart this week (even though the challenge is ending) and not let it get me down. And I'm going to continue with the pushups I've been doing. I've been doing ok at eating well (except for birthday cake & christmas parties), and I've gotten all my assignments for this semester done, I just have 2 exams to do between now and Christmas. So I'm going to give myself a C this week - ok, but definitely need improvement in a few areas.

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