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Dantes' Challenge


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Right. Goals. Hmmmm

#1) Eliminate Grains

Whenever I slip up with my eating it is ALWAYS on cheap high calories carbs, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes etc. So, I am going to try and eliminate or at worst severely limit my grain consumption.

#2) Run twice a week

Currently I'm doing circuit training 3x a week (mix of KB and BW stuff) I want to continue this but add in a couple runs every week, no distance goals, no intensity goals I just want to get out of the house more!

#3) Sleep

Fewer late late nights, going to make a goal to get in bed by 10pm every night if possible.

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1) ... Not really sure how this is going to work since every meal my flat has consists of rice or pasta.

- Had rice tonight. Was 100% perfect up to dinner.

2) Strength trained today, hopefully run tomorrow.

3) Was in bed by 10pm last night. Going to do the same tonight.

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1) Had a shocker today - Exam went horrible, came home and smashed 3 PBnJ's....

Running total for the night - 9 pc bread....

2) Run planned for tomorrow

3) Posting this at 10.40pm, still need to have a shower to sluice the sweat off. Oh well, exams over in 37 hours.

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So, goals have taken a bit of a backward step. Good news is I've finished exams now so I'm back on the wagon.


1) Beer counts as grains so... lets chuck in 12 of those and a couple burgers + Cake

2) Got some new vibrams, but the drinking interfered with the running.

3) 2am. Guess that's a fail.

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1) Travelled back to visit family today. Arrive at my dads and their is a bloody chocolate cake waiting. GG

2) Strength trained with light jogging yesterday

3) Got to bed as early as possible, flight arrived late.

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Total Grain Consumption Today (So far)

6 pieces Bread

Jam (Sugar in Jam)

Cheese Cake

Chocolate and Orange Cake

Clearly not good enough. I just have this shitty as hell mentality whenever I enter the kitchen at the moment. I leave Wellington on friday and quite simply my goals are wishing that would come sooner.


I've run 6km in the last two days. So A+ for this week already and it's only wednesday.


Been getting to sleep much earlier which is nice.

In conclusion

C- for the day.

Can't seem to shake the grain bogeyman. It's all just convenience and societal pressure as well (Hard to turn down bread at restaurants when everyone else is indulging....

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1) B-

Went to an italian restaurant for lunch, as part of a job interview, so had a small pizza there.

Also. Yay I got the job!

2) A

Ran consecutively tuesday and wednesday. Going to do a BW circuit in about 30 minutes.

Calves are pretty destroyed. My first couple runs in my new KSO's have been up and down hills and on muddy slippery grass. Really need to work on improving my stretching.

3) A+

Really Nailing the sleeping. Been getting to bed earlier and getting a proper nights rest in each day. Feels really good.

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ahhh giving up the grains. Yes I hear you. If you are flatting I can well imagine its hard to get away from. I used to eat 2 pieces of vogels everyday for breakfast, but now I have bacon and eggs instead :) Perhaps if you are going to indulge you should get a sourdough loaf instead, something about the fermenting that makes it somewhat better??? dont really know, havent tried it as havent really missed bread that much. Apart from a nice piece of crunchy garlic ciabatta if I'm out at a restaurant or something, then its like - step aside, that bread is MINE, all MINE! I also thought giving up pasta and rice would be tricky. Rice hasnt really been an issue, if I eat out at thai I just dont get any or I might have a tiny dessertspoon full, it really is just empty food, its the stuff you have with it that is the good bit. When I'm at home and if I cook a curry I make cauliflower rice, so easy and another way to get your vegies! :) And as for pasta, well I havent really missed that either. Going without these things definitely takes some planning though. I'm going to make a lasagne this weekend, but rather than use pasta layers I'm going to use either cabbage leaves or thinly sliced zuchini as the layers.

I havent seen vibrams anywhere, not that I've looked I have to admit, where did you get them, were they expensive?

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@ Suse


I got the KSO's (Black) at the frontrunner in christchurch, they cost $200 but I was looking at buying new running shoes and I have average ankles so they usually cost me $280 anyway. Hence 200 wasn't a big deal for me at that time. The guy there was amazingly helpful and it was so great getting them fitted. There is an online store but I recommend getting a fit done as your feet may be like mine and wierdly misshappen. (2nd toe larger than first, Right slightly larger than left etc.)

At the moment is a control thing with the flatting. I guess I may just have to straight up refuse to eat the rice and pasta, could get very expensive as they are basically the basis of every meal since we're all so cheap. Those are some great idea's I'll definitely have to look into though.

Back to the challenge.



1) C

Had some Hibran for breakfast but that's it for today. I don't feel too bad about them as they're 6g of fiber per 12g carbs so eh. Unfortunately went out to dinner again and had some garlic bread and icecream. Downgrade to a C

2) A

Already nailed my two runs for the week. Been focusing on greasing the groove pushups today. As at 2.12pm I'm at 230. Finished off at 300 as as 10.00pm.

3) A+

Last 4 nights in a row I've been tucked up nice and early and waking up fresh and relaxed. Good vibes.

Overall: A

So much happier with today's effort than other days of the challenge so far.

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1) Nailing it so far, still a few hours to go and I promised the ole lady some lemon muffins, gona have to resist those.

2) Run planned for tomorrow.

3) Been oversleeping a little lately. Mainly due to the excess carbs and infrequent exercise. As a result my body is letting me know it doesn't like what I'm putting it through.

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1) Still doing great, barely miss grains at all.

2) Ran 1km as part of warm up for circuits today.

3) Much much better. Feeling much fresher when I wake up in the morning.

Feel like I'm really getting on top of the grains at the moment.

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1) Very Very happy with myself Edit: Had several beers tonight, am rather smashed right now....

2) 1km run as part of warmup today

3) Got a great sleep last night.

Pity I start to get it right at the end of the challenge only. Gota keep the momentum going forward.

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1) Well, if you take last nights drinking out of it I nailed this goal.

2) 1km as part of warm up

3) Going to be a bit rough as the football final is at 6.30am tomorrow! So haven't really been getting enough sleep the last couple days.

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1) Doing great so far. Dinners going to be interesting as it's going to be pasta. May just have to abstain.

Edit: Made it through dinner! Woot woot!

2) 1km as part of circuit warm ups. Way to windy and cold outside

3) Going to try get a decent rest in as I woke up at 6am this morning to watch the footy.

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Oh hell yeah.

But it doesn't matter. Beer for me isn't a "problem" carb. I can stop myself from consuming excessive amounts on a regular basis.


1) Great Again, avoiding all of the cheap simple carbs surprisingly well.

2) Running to TKD a bit later, and 1km as part of warmup. Total of 4km

Ran to TKD, walked/Ran home probably got in about 3.5km total running today.

3) Sleeping well. :)

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