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Dantes' Challenge


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1) Once again another grain free day :), in fact just smashed a nice juicy steak.

2) Shoulder/neck isn't feeling great so I'm going to postpone all exercise until after I meet with the sports specialist tomorrow.

3) Falling behind in this goal.

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1) Fell off the wagon. WILL GET BACK ON IT.


Tasted like shit, yet I still couldn't stop myself.

I feel horrible now, completely upset stomach and I'm fairly angry at myself for messing up.

2) Completed 900m of quick jogging as part of warm up as usual. Workout today consisted of 7 100-120m sprints completed as quickly as possible. I walked/jogged back to the starting line after each sprint.

3) Still slightly messed up with my sleep patterns.

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1) No grains today at all which was good. Bit too much milk though

2) Warmup runs only (1km)

3) Bout to jump into bed soon.

Better recovery today. Having to resist the urge to wolf down some toast though.

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