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Do or Do Not - my first challenge


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So, as my title says, this is my first challenge with NF. Been lurking for quite a while, excited to participate.

Diet/Fitness Goals:

-Lose 12 lbs (2/week)

-Clean up the diet (less processed food), small changes every week. This week, bringing lunch to work every day.

-Improve circuit time: number of pushups and plank hold length.

Life Goal:

-Read 2 books (non-nighttime) with my daughter each day. She's on the brink of reading herself so I think this will help her get over the edge.

Failure Goal:

-I'm still working on what this will be.

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I ran to the voting poll this morning. Literally. The people working the poll were all curious about that. But, got my run in today. It was a good way to get the run back and forth, just took a little planning to arrive just as they opened and back home in time to get cleaned up and out the door. Just meant I went back out the door with my hair wet. :)

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