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Got to start somewhere....


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Progress Report.


I have ditched the crips habit, am drinking significantly less fizzy drinks and I am loving pears, they are so tasty.


So far this has been kinda neglected but I do have my current max values that I will post later.


The cause of all my stress tbh. Seriously behind. Struggling to catch up. And I don't really care which is the worrying part.

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Hi Decisions,

Welcome to the board (I'm a newbie too though). You can do it! good news on the crisps (oh, those taytos you guys have in Ireland must be tough to break). You know there was a healthy eating campaign here in the UK a few years ago that had folk drinking a bottle of vegetable oil and saying that was the equivalent of eating crisps every day. Blech - that helped me for sure. Ah, here is an article about it.

good luck with school. not sure if you mean school or uni but I'm sure you can catch up if you are determined enough. sometimes it helps just to set an alarm for say 15minutes and buckle down for that short amount of time? Then you can get going. I'm a terrible procrastinator and find myself creating mental organising systems so I'd try to avoid that!

Keep up the good work!

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You might be interested in http://hundredpushups.com/ if you want to get up to 50. It's a tough challenge, but doable.

Also let me tell you from experience it's possible to catch up in school. Through my second year of university I was a bad student with marks in the low 60s, even some 50s. But I decided to pull myself together and now in my fourth year I am at the top of my class. I will never bring my overall average in line with who I am now, but it has been worth it just to show myself that hard work and will can get you where you need to go.

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