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Turelliax/obsessionkilled's Challenge!

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Two or three fitness/diet related goals for these next 28 days.

Take a before picture on June 21st, and then an after picture on July 19th. These are more for you than for anybody else, and you can still win without posting a picture. And then post as often as you'd like about your success/failures on sticking with your plan over the next 28 days.


Get down to 115 and maintain it.

Do 10 Regular Pushups (non girly!) without stopping.

Run my second 5k in 30 minutes.

I am not posting my pics mainly cause I am girl and I don't feel quite comfy with that on the internets.

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I weigh in sunday but I did hop on my scale this morning. So far It doesnt seem to be that my weight is going down too much which is why I am debating getting those Body Calipers. I have definitely stepped up my workout this past week. 5 days in the gym and 3-4 days per week running outside.

I think right now the biggest Issue i see with my body shape is my sides are looking amazingly toned while i still have this belly bulge of fat in the middle. I know you cant spot reduce but that is my main reason for wanting to get down to 115 over being 120. As a reminder I am 5ft1inches tall and i have never been this fit in my life (except for maybe when I was a little kid).

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This week has been pretty rough for me food wise. I have had some emotional issues and I have been letting that get in the way of my food choices and logging. It is sorta depressing but I have decided I am going to get back on the food band wagon today. I think I really need to get myself on a Food Schedule. I figure If I eat every 3 hours after breakfast it should cut down on the compulsive eating.

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I have been doing my strength/gym stuff 4-5 times per week and this week i also ran about 3 times. I am finding it really heard to drop any poundage. Part of it I can blame on stress and te holiday last week but this week I am just going to have tor eally buckle down. I don't think I have been paying attention enough to what I eat. I started eating on a schedule saturday. Every 3 hours. Soooo For all of this week I am going to eat on schedule. Be sure to eat more fruits and veggies for snacks and maybe this week I can drop a pound or two.

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