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RaggedRichard takes some cautious first steps

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Ok! Let's do this!


Main Quest: Get back to my 'fighting weight'* of 170 pounds (Currently 186)


*NB, I have never been in a fight.




1) Strength training 2-3 times per week. I'm currently working with a trainer, so this should be pretty doable, but I still want to make sure I stick to it.


2) Limit alcohol intake. A few weeks of logging my food intake has convinced me that it was really the after work happy hours that were causing my problems. For this first cutback, I'm going to limit myself to at most 1 alcoholic drink on a weekday, and 2 on a weekend.


3) Sleeeeeep. 8 hours, sadly, seems out of reach at this point, so let's say 7. My alarm goes off at 7am each morning, which means I need to be asleep by 12, which means that I should be in bed and reading by 11.


Side Quest: Focus! I'm too easily distracted, and I'd like things to drop out of my head less easily.


Goal: To start with, I'm going to say 10 mins of meditation daily. I can always build on that later if it takes.

RaggedRichard, Level 0 Lycan.

Assassin at heart, training with the Adventurers

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Hey there! How's the challenge been going so far?

Level 69 Battle Kitten

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Je suis partie pour reconstruire ma vie

C'est dit, c'est ainsi

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