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Suse is back!


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Ok I decided to skip the last challenge but I'm back with a vengeance for this one.


I was doing a boot camp style training programme early morning twice a week in all weather. hmm guess what, the all weather got me down, I hate rain... I can cope with cold, but not being wet so I have passed on that for now and joined the gym. I also have a rotator cuff injury that needs some care and attention. I have lost 5 kgs in weight since March and plan to keep it off.


1. Have decided to do the 100 pushup challenge so that means following the programme. that means by the end of week 4 of this challenge I should be up to a minimum of 20 consecutive pushups. Yes I'm on the low ranking program so 100 is quite a way off, but I reckon I should be able to do more than 20 by the end of 4 weeks. And I now know how to do them properly, and I mean I will be doing them with perfect form, not the half assed way I was doing them when I was at bootcamp

2. Go to the gym a minimum of 2 days a week - this seems like it should be easy but I really dont like the gym, but I must try and keep a minimum level of fitness going

3. Ensure I have at least 2 alcohol free days a week - again this sounds like it should be easy, but I love my wine!!!

4. Continue to eat as primally as possible, which means no grains, rice and pasta. Given the 80/20 rule, I'll allow some leeway for the odd cheat, but that would be in the region of once a week or something.

I'm on a countdown to my next holiday, which is 6 days in New Caledonia, so need to get bikini ready again.

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One thing I learned, and that one of Mark's older posts reminded me:

If you shoot for 80%, you'll fall lower. Shoot for 100%, and don't beat yourself up (too bad) when you don't make it.

I was shooting for 80%, and was hitting 50-60%, until I re-read some of his older stuff, and recommitted. It's another reason I'm getting strict this month, so that falling under the bar will be higher than where I'm at right now.

Level 5 Human Ranger

Stats as of July 25:   STR: 9.5   DEX: 5.75   STA: 7.5   CON: 15.25   WIS: 6   CHA: 8.5



Tough Mudder CO 2012 (4hrs)

Got below 200lbs

NF Challenge #4 Winner


Current Challenge

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Good point jacob. I'm going to aim for 100% but I'm realistic about how life and sometimes hunger and convenience gets in the way as well....

day one -monday

did day one of the 100 pushup challenge. made it to 5 perfect form full pushups.

did half hr at the gym,

had no wine

reasonably primal dinner - pork gluten free sausage goulash with cauliflower rice.

day two - tuesday

no pushups as planned

no gym as planned

had no wine - as planned, actually aiming to go to friday wine free

pretty good on food front all day, although had some rice crackers with hummus as a snack but at least they are gluten free

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day 3 wednesday

day 2 of 100 pushup challenge - up to 6 consecutive at the end of the sets... happy with that.

no gym - meant to go but got sidetracked by a lunch date

no wine tonight as I am doing an intermittent fast

good food today - I would probably have to be under 20g of carbs today I'm sure.

weigh in day tomorrow.

have been trying to figure out my body fat... there are a couple of websites where I can work it out and it is completely different on both... I need to decide on one and run with it so i can track it...

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day 4 thursday

randomly did 4 full pushups at the gym, but it is a rest day on the challenge

Went to the gym

Had a very small glass of wine with dinner...just the one, turned down a top up (what the... an alien has invaded my body!)

Not strictly primal today, but nothing major in terms of falling off... ok the banana and walnut cake with the marscopone icing may not have been the best thing (no actually it was the best thing... yumm) but I did share that slice of cake with my other half :)

Had weigh in yesterday and was down 200g to 55.5kg.

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Day 5 Friday

No pushups

no gym

drank wine

ate bad food


Day 6 saturday

No pushups

no gym but did walk the dogs

drank wine and cocktails

ate pretty good on the food front

Day 7 sunday

Did my pushups, day 3 week 1 of the 100 challenge - up to 7 full body pushups to failure on last set.

no gym

drank wine

ate ok, but went to friends for dinner and had pad thai (ie, noodles) Would have been rude not to have any. I also had cheesecake which is full of sugar. But other than that ok.

so assessment of week one:

doing ok on the pushup front - did first week of programme

went to gym twice as planned

had more than 2 days alcohol free

did reasonably well on the primal front

Grade B

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day 9 tuesday

did pushups up to 8 at last set of day 1,week2

drank wine

didnt go to gym

ate pretty well, apart from the chocolate bar for a snack after lunch

Day 10 Wednesday

no pushups, rest day

drank wine

didnt go to gym, was going to but just couldnt be bothered

ate very well and very healthy

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Hi Dante

I'm in auckland! Good to have another kiwi on board. what about you, where do you hail from.

Day 11 Thursday

Week 2, day 2 pushup challenge, sets 5,6,5,5 and 8 to failure

Went to gym (have sore calves today strangely)

Drank wine :( Looks like it will be a fail this week in the 2 days wine free

Ate very well though, avoided the white chocolate bar after lunch. Very low on the carb and sugar front.

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day 12 friday

no gym

no pushups

drank wine... drank a LOT of wine

eating left a bit to be desired but not too bad overall

day 13 saturday

a hangover, what a surprise!

no gym

day3, week 2 of pushups, did 10 to failure on last set

drank wine

eating not too bad overall

day 14 sunday

no gym

no pushups

will probably have a wine with dinner, we'll see

eating will be good

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ok I'm sort of pulling up on this challenge. I am giving up the 100 pushup challenge whilst I am having acupuncture for my shoulder. Best to let the shoulder rest properly. Will be doing a solid 3 weeks of physio/acupuncture before I go on holiday to New Caledonia. So perhaps my new part of this challenge will be to ensure I do the exercises that the physio has given me to build up the rotator cuff.

I'll still be aiming for 2 days at the gym, 2 days alcohol free and eating properly.

so I'm down but not out baby! :lol:

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DAY 15 Monday

as noted, have stopped doing pushups

no gym


ate very well, said no to white chocolate bars that were sent to tempt me

Have decided to change to the 200 squat challenge instead of pushups. Brainwave! So will start tonight. :)

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day 16 tuesday

Well I dont think I'm doing very well...

Forgot to start squat challenge

no gym, meant to go yesterday but I just felt tired and DID NOT WANT TO GO, so I didnt

Drank wine, red and white last night!

Pretty good day of eating though

Hmmm this challenge is very challenging this time. I do not feel very motivated to exercise.

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day 17 wednesday

a shocker

no gym

did do 10 squats in the morning, but i really need to start the program properly

drank a shitload of wine

ate a shitload of really bad food

day 18 thursday

not so crash hot either

no gym, in fact didnt go to work today. did give dogs a long walk though

no squats

no wine (yay for something)

food reasonable.

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I'm officially a shocker on this challenge:

Day 19 Friday

No squats

no gym

drank wine

ate pretty good though

Day 20 Saturday

No squats, but did big dog walk and lots of gardening

no gym

drank wine

ate bread and a sugary dessert (but man did I enjoy both!!!)

Day 21 Sunday

no squats, another big dog walk and a bit more gardening

no gym

drank wine

ate pretty well apart from the lovely slice of crunchy ciabatta bread with my soup for lunch!

Planning on an alcohol free night tonight... watch this space :lol:

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day 22 monday

Ok dont watch this space... I had a small glass of wine last night. Admittedly it was only a very tiny (probably 100mls) of red wine and that is full of antioxidants so I think I might say that is ok. I didnt drink copious amounts of white wine which is what I've been trying to cut back on

didnt go to gym

didnt do any squats - however I did get on the floor and do a few plank exercises last night

Ate very well yesterday.

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DAY 23 Tuesday


no exercise of any type

which clearly means no gym

drank half a bottle of wine

But eating was good, avoided the after lunch sugar temptation.

Strangely, for all this my weight is going down, and so is my body fat. Yay. I *might* try to get to the gym today but it is so cold I hate having to go and change in to my gym gear. I'm a wuss.

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DAY 24 Wednesday

No squats (no I lie, I did 1/2 a dozen in the kitchen while cooking dinner)

Went to the gym - APPLAUSE! Yes indeedy, I got off my butt and went. Rotator cuff injury is getting worse though, just cant do anythign with my arms, (except the tricep pulldown thingy)

one glass of wine with dinner

Ate pretty good, bacon with every meal, perhaps that is why I put on half a kg overnight! :)

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Day 26 Friday


no exercise at all

drank plenty of wine.

Ate some crap as well. Bread and cake snuck into my mouth. Me bad.

Friday always seems to be a bad day for me

Day 27 Saturday


Big dog walk, no gym in the weekends as I dont want to go back into town, so dog walk counts

did drink wine as out for dinner

Eating totally on track all day. Did very well.

Day 28 Sunday

so so

Friends over for lunch, so had wine, also had bread with the soup I made. Other than that, rest of food was primal.

Big dog walk after lunch

so 28 days of the challenge. How do I rate myself. Well crap really. My shoulder has been a real pain in the arse (well a pain in the arm really) so I'm not sure how things are going to go with this going forward.

Didnt go to gym as often as planned. I really dont like the gym. I am clear on that now. But I'll still continue to try and go regardless

Didnt have anywhere near enough alcohol free days. I really need to make some improvements in this area of my life. Not that I drink to excess but I just think it is good to let the liver have a break from processing toxins

My primal eating has been pretty good, but there's a lot more slippage lately. I'm kind of ok with that though as I dont want food ruling my life. If I feel like bread I'll eat some, but there are limits. The difference between my old way of life and my new more primal way is that I am totally aware of what i"m eating. Our food is way more interesting and tasty as a result. So thats got to be good. And regardless of all the above, not really getting a lot of exercise, still drinking, eating the ocassional wrong thing, I'm still dropping weight and fat. Yay.

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