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2015: A (re)New(ed) Hope for everydayoptimist

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It had been a dark time in the Republic, and then, at the end of 2014, I stumbled upon nerdfitness.com and suddenly there was a tremor in the Force. After years of searching I found people like me, who thought like me and could relate to my struggles and find ways to break down habits that the Dark Side had built up within me and build new habits with my own Jedi council. I completed my first challenge with mixed results (better eating habits, increased personal awareness, but Christmas :numbness: ), but with A New Year comes A New Hope.

Main Quest: My quest for 2015 is to get under 200lbs by Dec 31, along with increasing my strength, stamina and dexterity throughout the year. To make this seem like a slightly less daunting quest, I'm going to break it down into smaller increments, and my quest for the first 6-week challenge of 2015 (and my first challenge as an Assassin, yay!) is to lose 15lbs. Keeping an eye on the horizon to the bigger, year-long goal.

Task #1 Get my diet out of the trash compactor.

I imagine on Kashyyyk they probably eat much like a caveman, and I intend to do the same, by making my diet 80% Paleo. Instead of going 100% Paleo right away I'm easing in to it by going 80%. It'll take some planning, tracking, organising, and new recipe trying. It should be exciting!

Task #2 Even a Jedi has to train

Luke did lightsaber drills, but sadly, I don't think anyone's going to let me lay my hands on one, so I'm going to go with workouts 3x a week instead. I'm going to continue with the beginner's bodyweight workout, and search out new moves/workouts to challenge myself. It's time to show my body who's boss....it's me, I'm the boss. I'll trust in the Force, and with some training I'll get this done.

Task #3 Walking Tatooine with Artoo

Let's be fair here, Artoo didn't let his dinky little treads stop him from traveling all over the deserts of Tatooine! Unlike that attitude filled little droid, I live in a ridiculously walkable city, and need to get out there as much as possible. I already normally get around 10,000 steps a day, so I'm going to up my goal to 10,500, or even 11,000 to increase my km/day. I'm building up to running, but I'm going to start with more walking.


Additional Life Quest: Uuuhhhh, there's no juggling in Star Wars...

I once starred in a play based purely on my ability to juggle. I've let it fall out of my wheelhouse over the past decade, and it's time to brush off those skills and work to improve my hand-eye coordination and dexterity. I'm going to practice at least 5 minutes every day to improve my skills.

So those are the plans for the first six weeks of 2015! If anyone has any ideas for helping me improve my plans, let me know! If anyone needs a cheerleader, let me know! (I'm SUPER good at ridiculous amounts of enthusiasm)

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Previous challenges: One Two Three

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop - Confucius


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Optimism, walking, real food, 3x/week workout and juggling (I am convinced juggling is a valid form of meditation) - sounds like a solid plan :D


which days are you planning to do the BBWWW?


Good luck!!

OOO! I didn't even think of it as meditation, but you're right! Specific focus and concentration is very zen! 

Since my weekends are the most ridiculous time of all, I'm planning the BBWW for MWF. Then, if I have some free time on the weekends (it may happen!) I can search out a new move or two, try 'em out and work them into the routine.



Previous challenges: One Two Three

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop - Confucius


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This is the first challenge I've seen with juggling. I am besmitten.

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WEEK 2!! Here we goooooooo!!!!

Last week was a bit ridiculous. The Saturday before Christmas we had terrible weather here in VanCity, and it was pouring, and an idiot tried to run into me, I avoided it, but ran into a pole. I had very minor injuries (one bruise and a little soreness) but my poor Ripper didn't fare quite so well. After being in the shop for two weeks, I found out my car was being written off, and ended up dealing with a lot of that, plus the whole shopping for a new car situation.


All of which is a very long-winded way of saying that I'm trying to excuse the fact that I only got two of my three workouts in...HOWEVER! I did manage to keep to eating 80% Paleo. Which was a challenge, let me tell you. I have a wonderful group of friends who get together on Fridays, and two of them are moving away, so our bake-master friend made them this amazing Chocolate Chip cookie, chocolate mousse cake, and the cafe owner (our friend, and also dessert-maker extraordinaire) also made his famous cinnamon buns. I DIDN'T HAVE EITHER. I reeeeaaaaally wanted to. A lot. But refrained. Then I decided to hop on the scale for the first time since the 1st, and discovered to my utter disbelief that I'm down 5.1kg,,,which is 11lbs. Which is crazy. Apparently cutting out all that sugar, processed food and wheat-type products has made a pretty big difference. I don't expect it to continue like this, but it's certainly a good encourager to keep on going!


I'm excited to add in some archers from the mini-challenge #2 this week, to mix up the workouts. 



Previous challenges: One Two Three

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop - Confucius


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Oh wow, I'm surprised with that level of pressure you managed to do two workouts. Poor car! You will probably be even more inclined to walk places now :P


Have a great week two, hope it throws less crazy stuff at you, I'm sure you'll battle through whatever comes though!

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Helloo!! Awesome job dealing with all the car crazies and still getting great things done! Congrats also on the weight loss, and resisting the desserts :o The force must be strong with this one ;) Two rounds of baked biscuits and then a bakery biscuit/breakfast sandwich have intruded my home planet in the last two days, so I will be using your good example of restraint as inspiration! 


Super smart to ease into Paleo gradually. Enjoy all the good feelings and energy that comes with!

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