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ArmyMBM's Challenge


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Alright, this is my first 28 day challenge. Exciting kind of, I guess.

For my goals...

1. 50 Consecutive Push-Ups: Bare minimum for the Army, but it's a challenge for me... I can hit 8. Grease The Groove and weighted push-ups for me I guess. But, I should actually make and follow a plan, not like all the other times I actually make a plan.

2. 6 Chin-Ups: Required to be considered for Ranger School. I can hit 2 on a good day, which usually means plenty of sleep and a rest day the day before.

3. Lose 10 lbs: I know, I know... I should try to lose 10 lbs of fat, not muscle. But, I can't tell what I'm losing, and I'll hopefully be building muscle... 220 Pounds Starting

4. Make A Workout Plan: I'll post it tonight or tomorrow, and actually follow this one.

Oh, and I have been exercising lately, I just haven't posted in my workout log. Also, I've been working, at least three days a week now that school's out for summer. Like making excuses helps my case for being lazy about logging what I do, but whatever.

Good Luck To Everybody,

ArmyMBM, (Mike)

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Sorry that I haven't posted the schedule yet. Working with my dad (Electrician) in a house being made for welfare recipients in a very bad neighborhood in a very bad town 20 minutes away. Homeless people have lived in here for a while, and they tore a good amount of stuff down. Better late than never I guess...

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: HIIT

Tuesday: Calisthenics

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: HIIT

Friday: Calisthenics

Saturday: HIIT

Will write everything down and update every few days so I don't bother everybody by doing it constantly. :lol:

218 Today, mostly water weight I think. (Very dusty in that house, 85, and humid. Sweating bullets all day.)

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Pretty good day. Started working up to getting up earlier to exercise before the day begins, to avoid the mosquitoes. (They were already out today, though.)

In order:

1 X 2 Chin-Ups and 1 Negative

1 X 1 Chin

1 X 10 Push-Ups

1 X 1 Chin

Carried Cinder block in each hand for 30 feet

1 X 1 Chin (My eye started twitching really bad here)

Walk 400 Feet

1 X 2 Pull-Up Negatives

1 X 5 Diamond Push-Ups

Walk 400 Feet

1 X 2 Pull-Up Negatives

1 X 10 Push-Ups

Walk 400 Feet

1 X 10 Push-Ups

Done without break (unless you count the walking, but it technically is very light cardio :lol: ), no water breaks, and with boots on, which is great, because I could only do 1 chin-up fully rested with boots on. Also, even though I didn't do any type of ab training today, my stomach is still sore, probably from the chin-ups.

Hope everybody else did good today. :D

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Every part of my arm, back and stomach is sore from yesterday. However, I stayed true to my plan and what I said earlier, as I got up around 5:45 this morning, and was outside and finished with HIIT by 6:05.

Unfortunately, I have to change my plan. This is the worst amount of soreness I've had in a long time, so I'm going to replace Grease The Groove with Rest Days. As I get more advanced, maybe I can do that on an odd day, but for now, just Calisthenics should be fine.

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was down in Cape Cod, camping. It's in Massachusetts, about probably 45 minutes where I live, so it was a weekend thing. Couldn't exercise heavily, but I did a little hiking, and did about 7 miles of walking yesterday.

So, I caught up on reading. I'm halfway through Inside Delta Force, and to make it through Selection, you have to do a 40 Mile Ruck March. And after reading that, I decided I want to do it. I've been wanting to do it, but this has sealed the deal. So, my workout plan is pretty much out the window, which happens every time I try because I read something new. :lol:

I'm still aiming for the weight, push-ups, and chin-up goals, though. I just decided the plan was no longer valid. So, from now on, all plans will be at my discretion. A workout will be formulated, but it can't be a weekly thing like I've been trying. There's just too much to cover.

So, I am deciding to man up, and I hereby announce to make everyday feel like my last, because I aim to be part of a United States Army Special Operations Group.

I will train, not exercise.

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