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Introducing myself here:



You would never hear me describe myself as "athletic" as I think that implies a level of dexterity and grace that I have never and will never possess.  I am, however,  very, very physical, and always have been.  I participated in pretty hardcore endurance events for 35 years or so.  I wrestled for 13 years, I was a boxer (on and off) for 20, I was a paratrooper in the Army, I've run nearly every obstacle race out there and several half marathons.   I'm very much the guy who when someone says "That's the hardest/worst/most sucktastic thing you could ever do to yourself!" I'm the first person to sign up.  


Now days, I lift weights.  I train six days a week, and recently switched from strong lifts to German volume training.  I still do cardio (GVT has a lot of rest days and I can't sit still long enough to not do anything), but I'm constrained by a lifetime of injuries from the high impact stuff that I love, so I'm currently working towards a 1200 pound combined bench press/squat/deadlift which will break down somewhere along the lines of 300, 400, and 500 pounds, respectively.


Except for my daily whey protein shake and the occasional chocolate milk for a recovery drink, I'm basically 100% paleo (for certain definitions of paleo) and have been for about three years.  For me, it's what my body likes and performs well with.  I'm not a zealot who thinks it's the only way to eat.


To establish my nerd bona fides: Halloween '77 I went trick or treating as C-3PO, then came home, changed into a Darth Vader costume and trick or treated again!  (I also saw Episode IV during it's original release run at a drive-in).  What else?  I played my first game of D&D around '80, and got my first computer (an Apple ][+ with 16k of RAM) in '82.   I'm an OG nerd, for sure.

Did I offer advice in my post?  Please keep the following in mind:

  • I am not a doctor nor any other kind of medical professional.
  • I am not a lawyer.
  • I am not a mental health provider
  • I am not a nutritionist
  • Your mileage may vary
  • I don't do anything in moderation
  • I have lots of injuries & if you train like me, you probably will too.



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