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Paleo In a Nutshell !!

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Hey fellow paleolithics.


Upon discovering this website, I also stumbled across the Paleo diet and maaaan do I like it. Therefore, I thought of creating this thread as a continious source of information as I discover new stuff about the diet, I hope that it will be of use for all who read it.


So to kick this off, here are three of the best references I found online:

The first one, explains the idea about the diet, and highlights the dos and the donts in all the meals. The seconds one lists 300 recepies that you can choose from as you please. Finally, the third one summarizes a meal plan which I found helpful for beginners like my self.


I am used to leave the best for last, so please find here an awesome inforgraphic that summarizes the whole thng for you.


I hope that helped :)

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