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Galaxy Gamer Returns

Galaxy Gamer

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After a brief hiatus, I have returned.


My goal last year was to get healthy and develop habits to keep myself healthy.  I am pleased to report that goal was tentatively reached as of my annual physical.  I lost around 50 pounds and developed some good dietary habits. As a result, my liver function is good, and my blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol are back in the healthy range. "Keep doing what you're doing, and maybe try to be more active," is what my doctor said.


My weight has been trending upward, but I think that can be managed/reversed with more snack control especially late in the day.  I stopped doing the Angry Birds workout because of a worrisome twinge in my shoulder, but that has cleared up and I will gradually reintroduce some of the exercises into my routine.  Otherwise, I am in great shape.


My focus for 2014 will be on life balance: better organization, more effective business practices, and finding time for creative outlets.


Over the next five weeks I will: Get organized

  • Achieve and maintain zero inbox
  • Organize my office
  • Create a business plan
  • Blog weekly on websites, monthly on writing, and occasionally on pipelines


Good habits to reestablish: 

  • No eating between 9PM and 8AM.
  • Cut out carby snacks and soda
  • Brush for 2 minutes, floss, and use enamel protectant rinse twice daily.
  • Alternate squats and planks on a daily basis, always warming up beforehand.
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"You may never reach your goal, but you can never quit." --R. Tarfon

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The state of the game: Start of Week One


Just realized that I posted this in Monks, but it should be in Druids. Because I seek balance in all things, that will be my class for 2015. I might even attempt yoga, but probably not.


My office:


A mess. Cluttered. Disorganized. Even the standing desk I'm so proud of is not currently usable. When I have some money from web design, I will need to fix the leaky windows and install proper shades. But so much potential!  If you're looking to start a revolution, I have the perfect place, including a view onto a town commons where the Minutemen assembled in 1775 before their march to assist in the battles at Lexington and Concord. And since our home was originally a dry goods store, some of those Revolutionary War veterans later came inside to shop, their boots making an impression on the same floorboards we walk on now, and their voices echoing off the same walls that surround me today.


My inbox:


The counter says I have 1369 items, but that's just what's unread. I don't know how much I have total.


My weight:


Last I checked, I'm up 10 pounds from my recent low--but that's 45 pounds down from my all time high. Something to keep an eye on, since I resolved to never again step on the scale and see a number in the 190s (and never ever see a number in the 200s).


My business plan:


Coming along. I'm doing an online course that's helping me flesh it out.


My teeth:


I need either a root canal or an extraction, but I'm putting that off for now.

Galaxy Gamer, Level 4 Ffifnaxian Druid/Webweaver/Bard

Intro | Battle Log | Challenges: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4Current


"You may never reach your goal, but you can never quit." --R. Tarfon

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Welcome!  Zero inbox is something I strive for, too.  My company purges all emails after 3 months, so that helps because if I don't deal with it then important stuff gets deleted.  


Depending on your mail client (I use Outlook), you could set up different buckets.  I have one for > 85 days (DEAL WITH THIS NOW), 11+ weeks, and 8+ weeks.  


That way instead of staring at 1300+ emails, you can take care of the 12 items in the 85 day bucket, then go to the next one and so on.


My goal is to deal with today's mail and at least the 85 day old mail, and the 11 week mail if I have time.  Don't let the stack continue to pile, and try to make what's there a little smaller every day.

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Well hello, Galaxy Gamer.  


I especially like your goal to not eat between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am.  I could probably do that fairly well during the week, but then the weekend comes along and I'm all, "Popcorn at 11:00 at night?  Don't mind if I do!"  :P


Good luck with the organization!  I feel much more efficient at work when everything is neat and clean.  



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