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Please Evaluate this program!

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This was my first bodyweight routine that I designed on my own. My only real goal was to make sure I hit all the major muscle groups and work my core. Please let me know if I've done this "right," or if I should add/subtract/specify more?


3x6 pistol squats
5x5 inverted rows
10 standard pushups
10 diamond pushups (or pushup variant. Diamond is just what I did)
Plank to failure (about 40 seconds. I can do 60sec for a dolphin plank)
Sit ups to failure (around 50 by the time I get here)
5x10 elbow-to-knee crunches
2x10 standing back rocks/rolls **
3x5 burpees


Then I repeated it as follows

2x6 pistol squats

Inverted rows to failure
10 pike pushups (any variant can go here)
Standard pushups to failure
2x10 standing back rocks
3x5 burpees 


**Rocking is to the halfway point of the roll, then returning forward, rather than rolling over. I prefer the roll if I have space, but could a rock do more work on my core?



Any feedback would be much loved! Thank you everybody!



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Have you done this workout already? How long does it take you to complete it?


It looks like a complicated and long workout. I would simplify it and add bridge work. Besides from that, your selection of exercises is stellar.

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