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I love the idea of a battle log, I'm currently working on body weight training.





Height 6' 2"

Weight 78.5kg


I'm currently following the Convict Conditioning bodyweight program.


These are my Goals.


Push Up

Step 1 - Wall Push Up - 3x50 - Achieved!

Step 2 - Table Push Up - 3x40

Step 3 - Knee Push Up - 3x30

Step 4 - Half Push Up - 3x25

Step 5 - Full Push Up - 3x20

Step 6 - Close Push Up - 3x20

Step 7 - Un-even Push Up - 3x20

Step 8 - 1/2 1 Arm Push Up - 3x20

Step 9 - Lever Push Up - 3x20

Step 10 - 1 Arm Push Up - 100


Pull Up

Step 1 - Vertical Pull - 3x40 - Achieved!

Step 1.5 - Horizontal Pull (Sternum Height) - 3x30 - Smashed! 15-1-15

Step 2 - Horizontal Pull (Hip Height)- 3x30

Step 3 - Jacknife Pull - 3x20

Step 4 - Half Pull - 2x15

Step 5 - Full Pull - 2x10

Step 6 - Close Pull - 2x10

Step 7 - Un-even Pull - 2x9

Step 8 - 1/2 One Arm Pull - 2x8 

Step 9 - Assisted One Arm Pull - 2x7 

Step 10 - One Arm Pull - 2x6


Leg Raises

Step 1 - Knee Tucks - 3x40 - Achieved!

Step 2 - Flat knee Raises - 3x35 - Achieved!

Step 3 - Flat Bent Leg Raises - 3x30

Step 4 - Flat Frog Raises - 3x25

Step 5 - Flat Straight Leg Raises - 3x20

Step 6 - Hanging Knee Raises - 2x15

Step 7 - Hanging Bent Leg Raises - 2x15

Step 8 - Hanging Frog Raises - 2x15

Step 9 - Partial Straight Leg Raises - 2x15

Step 10 - Hanging Straight Leg Raises - 2x30



Step 1 - Shoulderstand Squats - 3x50 - Achieved!

Step 2 - Jackknife Squats - 3x40 - Achieved!

Step 3 - Supported Squats - 3x30 - Achieved!

Step 4 - Half Squats - 2x50 - Achieved!

Step 5 - Full Squats - 2x30 - Achieved!

Step 6 - Close Squats - 2x20

Step 7 - Un-even Squats - 2x20

Step 8 - 1/2 Pistol - 2x20

Step 9 - Assisted Pistol - 2x20

Step 10 - Pistol - 100


Squat the Cards.

Pack of 5

Pack of 10

Pack of 20

Pack of 30


Once I Hit Step 6 in all 4 movements I will add Handstand Push Ups and Bridging.


Handstand Push Up

Step 1 - Wall Head Stands - 2min

Step 2 - Crow Stand - 1min

Step 2.5 - Straight Back Crow - 1min

Step 3 - Wall Handstand - 2min

Step 4 - Half Handstand Push Up - 2x20

Step 5 - Handstand Push Up - 2x15

Step 6 - Close Handstand Push Up - 2x12

Step 7 - Uneven Handstand Push Up - 2x10

Step 8 - 1/2 1 Arm Handstand Push Up - 2x8

Step 9 - 1 Arm Lever HSPU - 2x6

Step 10 - 1 Arm HSPU - 2x5



Step 1 - Short Bridges - 3x50

Step 2 - Straight Bridges - 3x40

Step 3 - Angled Bridges - 3x30

Step 4 - Head Bridges - 2x25

Step 5 - Half Bridges - 2x20

Step 6 - Full Bridges - 2x10

Step 7 - Wall Walking Bridges (Down) - 2x10

Step 8 - Wall Walking Bridges (Up) - 2x8

Step 9 - Closing Bridges - 2x6

Step 10 - Stand to Stand Bridges - 2x30


Wrist Mobility and Strength Training


I am following Kit Laughlins bodyline excercises to help build up strength in an injured wrist. Each plank will be succesfully completed when it can be held for eight breaths with feet all the way out.


Palms Down Fingers Towards Head - Achieved!

Palms Down Fingers Towards Feet - Achieved!

Palms Up Fingers Inwards

Palms Up Fingers Out


I am also following GMB's wrist mobility and Bodyline exercises with the aim of working toward handstands.


Hollow Body Bent Knees 1min - Immolated! 24-1-15

Hollow Body Legs Straight 1min - Extinctified! 27-1-15

Hollow Body Legs Straight Extended 1min

Hollow Body Arms Extended 1min



Flexibility Goals


To be able to hold the positions for 20sec comfortably.



Step 1 - Bent Leg Hold  - Achieved!

Step 2 - Straight Leg Hold

Step 3 - N Hold

Step 4 - Uneven Hold

Step 5 - L-Sit



Step 1- Straight Leg Twist - Achieved!

Step 2 - Easy Twist - Achieved!

Step 3 - Half Twist

Step 4 - 3/4 Twist

Step 5 - Full Twist



Step 1 - Short Bridge - Achieved!

Step 2 - Straight Bridge - Achieved!

Step 3 - Angled Bridge

Step 4 - Head Bridge

Step 5 - Bridge



General Flexibility


Touch Toes

Full Cossack Squat

The Splits


Swimming Goals


 SwimFit Get Toned Challenge

SwimFit Get Fit Challenge

400m in Under 8 Minutes

400m in Under 6 Minutes

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Horizontal Pull Ups (Bar at Sternum Height)

Goal 3x30


S1 x 30

S2 x 30

S3 x 30


Lying Leg Raises (Slight bend in legs)

Goal 3x30


S1 x 15

S2 x 15


Super stoked with my workout today. I have been working on Horizontal Pull Ups for about a month and have finally met the progression standard. I got to move my bar from Chest Height to Hip Height.


Tried a pull up on the Hip Height Bar and couldn't even do a single one! Bring on the next step. 



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Push Ups ( Hands on Desk)

Goal (3x40)






Close Squats (Chair Assisted)

Goal (2x20)





Had a lot of fun with this today. Push Ups seem to be coming along nicely, however I have no idea how I am going to be able to do the close squat with a full range of motion without the chair. 

We shall see!

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3 Min Warm Up - Breast Stroke

4 Lengths Moderate Front Crawl - 30sec rest each length

6 Lengths Quite Hard Front Crawl - Rest until breathing returns to normal

3 Min Cool Down - Breast Stroke


This was hard, much harder than anticipated, I met a 40-50 year old woman who laughed at me when I was panting and said "Out of breath already!?" 

I'm putting


"Not to get teased by old ladies at the pool"


into my Epic Quest

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Today: Convict Conditioning


Horizontal Pulls (Hip Height):

(Goal 3x30)


S1:10 (sloppy)


Lying Leg Raises (Slight Bend in Knee)

(Goal 3x30)


S1: 15

S2: 15

S3: 6


Made my first set of horizontal pulls today, they surprised my muscles quite a lot!

Also lying leg raises which don't ever seem to get easier but I did six more than last time so they must be.


Also worked on my wrist mobility exercises. Getting There. The aim is to be able to hold each of these comfortably for around 2 minutes.




Can hold for around 1min




45 seconds




20 seconds




This ones a killer, I can't quite get both legs up at the same time.

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Convict Conditioning


Im working towards squatting with my heels together, but at the moment I can't get the full range of motion ( I just fall over backwards) so I have invented the Squat-o-meter!




Today I did my squats with my heels 11 inches apart.

Each week I will close the gap inch by inch, until I can squat with my heels touching and a full range of motion.




Squats Step 5.5: 

(Goal 2x20 @ 0 inches)

@ 11 inches

S1: 20

S2: 20


Table Push Ups Step 2:

(Goal: 3x40)

S1: 30

S2: 30

S3: 30

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Today: Wrist Mobility Drills and Yoga.


MUST TOUCH TOES. But if i'm honest it's still a long way off!


Day 14 was awesome. Every time I do one of these videos I get annoyed that i'm so in-fexible, then by the end i'm stoked that I got a little closer to my goals.


The GMB Routine i'm following.

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Right back after my last challenge which was awesome.

Super stoked with the progress I have made so far.


I am still having wrist issues, although it gets better week on week. I am currently working on paralettes which allow me to do pressing movements without aggravating my wrists.


Also I am working on the dirty rice workout to try an strengthen my extensors etc.



This is HARD!

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