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Tales of Terrace the Traveller: Chapter 1: Starting small.


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This will be my first 6-week challenge (5 weeks because I was late to the party this time, heh). I really do hope that I get this right. Here it goes...



MAINQUEST: My mainquest is to become proficient in a martial art, and to have a body that doesn't get winded every five minutes. I want to be able to jog for at least ten minutes without getting winded.


GOAL 1: Join a class to learn a martial art.


To start becoming proficient in a martial art, I need to learn it first. So it's time to find a class...


A: Join a class.

F: Do not join one within the month.


GOAL 2: Walk for at least 30 minutes for five days a week.


I need to build up my endurance, so this seems a good place to start.


A: Miss 0-3 days

B: Miss 4-6 days

C: Miss 7-10 days

D: Miss 10-14 days

F: Miss more than 14


GOAL 3: Eat an apple each day


My family has a lot of apples in the refrigerator, so I think this is a good place to start eating a bit healthier than Hot Pockets.


A: Average 7 apples a week.

B: Average 6 apples a week.

C: Average 5 apples a week.

F: Average less than 5 apples a week.


LIFE GOAL: Well...one of my life goals is to finally finish this setting for a fantasy world I've been working on. Lately it's been kinda bumpy, but I still wanna pursue it.


MOTIVATION: I've always found martial arts interesting, and I really wanna go forth with learning one. And I hate having to run to do something, only for parts of me to hurt when running, and to realize that I'm winded after a slight jog. I really want to be something better this me that I'm not fond of, so it's time to start leveling.


Well...here goes nothing.



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Who knew you could be winded by walking. I am so not in shape.


But i did the 30 minutes.

I also ate an apple with dinner.


As for the martial arts classes, we will have to wait and see. I've found a place that looks good, and I'm pretty sure it's not a McDojo, but I don't necessarily have a great income. But I will save what I can to get those classes before the end of the six weeks!


So...hey, I'm off to a good start, I think.

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You're starting, that's the main thing :-)  I see you already made the acquaintance of Kishi and Oramac.  Glad you set up a challenge!  The Monk hangout thread is the Courtyard.  Please drop by and say Hi. 


I'm one of the Monk ambassadors.  We're around to answer questions, help out, and find people who may be interested in joining our respective guilds.  Let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

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Re: walking, sometimes it's the simplest things that humble us the most. But by the same token, achieving victory in the smallest of things can give us the greatest sense of accomplishment.


Stick to it. And holy carp, that will be a lot of apples by the end. (Says the guy who puts a banana in his smoothie every morning.)

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You know what the worst thing that can happen being a nerd? Power stuff failing. Comp is now fine, though lappys power cord was stolen. Still, better than nothing.


Well...as far as walking is going, I'm actually doing well. I haven't missed a single day! I'm still getting slightly winded, but...hey, I'm at least getting better.


As for apples...I am aleady sick of them -_-;. I don't even dislike apples, but...it's a chore to keep eating one at least every day. I've been pushing and managing, but I don't know when my willpower is going to give out. I can't even reward myself with Chocolate, because it isn't my "Free Day"...I need some help on this guys.


As for the Classes...I've decided on Muay Thai. But the DMV is not fun to deal with, and I need an ID to successfully do it. But hey, I'm moving forward. Yay.


Hopefully I'll have more updates more often.

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did you place a restriction on how do you need to consume the apple?

no need to eat raw… try mixing it up a little:

day 1: dice or slice, squeeze lime, chile powder (not chili powder) and salt.

day 2: cook chicken and apple

day 3: sauteé in butter, splash of vanilla. then, dollop of cream on top

day 4: salad with greens, apple cubes and tangerine slices.

day 5: cube an apple, a pear, some strawberries, mix into half lemonade, half red wine. call it a sangria, be happy.

day 6: tuna and apple salad

day 7: steam a whole apple for 20 min. cut in half, eat with spoon

day 8: cube an apple, quarter of a honey dew melon, a peach or two, mix into half lemonade, half white wine. call it clericot, be happy again.

day 9: cubed apple, ground pork, bacon drippings, a pinch of Chinese 5 spices… 'nuff said.

day 10: bake em cut in half, topped with butter and almond meal for make-believe pies.

day 11: daydream about having the equipment to do Dave Arnold's apple-tinis… juice them, clarify with enzimes and a centrifuge, then use a rotovap to extract and then distill your own apple spirit, create a totally clear, kickass drink that looks like a martini, but is totally apple flavoured.

day 12: lime and chile again. because it is awesome. but grate it this time. throw in some shredded carrot, and jicama for giggles.

day 13: chopped apple, a banana, cinnamon, vanilla, a bit of stevia, pinch of salt, milk. blend it. drink an awesome "licuado de leche" mexican style. Great with breakfast. or intead of it.

day 14: peel, chop, cook… puree then add butter, serve with porkchops.

aaaand my phone battery is almost gone. so I'm gonna stop here but I could probably keep going. There is no end to the list. there's eve fancier options… nitrofreeze the puree mixed with milk for icecream, dehidrate slices for awesome sweets, lyophilize (also called cryodissecate) them for crunchy apple-y goodness you can add to stuff, make a good gruyere and apple soup, etc. Cheers.

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Grief, sorry about the computer trouble.  That must be really frustrating.


Congrats on the walking consistency and eating the apples! 


If you have a good shredder, you can also shred apple and carrot then add a bit of lime juice and some dried cranberries.  It's really nice!



and I suppose you could even eat them raw ;)


Hahaha, if one must :-)

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Checking back in. Started doing things with the apples like you guys said. I took a blast back to the past. All the way back to kindergarten, and applied a bit of peanutbutter to apple slices. Mmm~ Great snack and I get my apples. I wonder what else I can add...I'll have to check into the nutrition section.


The walking is going good. I even make ten of those 30 minutes jogging.


Martial arts classes...ain't going so hot. I don't know if we have a club on campus, and any dojo that isn't a McDojo (And even the ones that are) are out of my price range. Having to spend money on fixing my internet and computer(which are necessary for my classes.) kinda put a dent in what little money I gots. And I don't exactly have a proper job (I live with my parents while going through college). I'm not giving up, but I don't know how I'm gonna do this. :/

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Well, you do what you can.  Are there any forums or bulletin boards for your area where you can ask if there are smaller clubs?  They don't always advertise as much and can be a bit harder to find.  Some good clubs are also will to cut down fees in exchange for help cleaning up the dojo or something like that.

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My parents support the idea, but with a lot of things that have been going on, including some health things, they aren't sure that something like that is in the budget. Once again, fingahs crossed.


And as for the fantasy setting, heh...it's going alright, I suppose. A few people seemed to be turned off that I've forgone human-like races in lieu of more bestial ones(Think races like the Argonians or Khajiit). Though some people who I have had test drive it, so to speak, have really enjoyed it. I really gotta defragment it one of these days.


Out of apples for the week, so I can't eat one today.  Is it bad for me to say that I'm glad for the break?

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Hmmm, would your system have any use for large combat capable rodents?  Thought of you this morning when I read this:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/ancient-giant-rodent-may-have-fought-like-an-elephant-1.2946223?cmp=rss&cid=news-digests-canada-and-world-evening


It's cool to hear of a game that isn't focussed on pretty races.  Do you have any plans to publish afterwards?  Maybe somewhere like DriveThruRPG?

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That...thing...is...AWESOME! That thing would be awesome, I'd just gotta figure out where and how to work it in.

And...mrph...I kinda don't know if I'll ever get that far. I mean...I'd like to, but I don't have any necessary plans.


Also, I missed my walk today, unfortunately :(


On the plus side, more apples, so...yay? I'm keeping up on that and feeling good for it.

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Isn't it cool?  ROUS jokes aside, it seems like they should be in a fantasy game.


Why wouldn't you?  Don't fall into the trap of revising something until it's perfect.  It won't be.  I think it was Pixar that said that they don't finish a film, they release it.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


So don't miss your walk tomorrow :-) 

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