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I actually just came back to my Crossfit gym after a year and 6 month hiatus. I was a little dumb for taking that long off and boy did I hurt. I had gone away from it because of a job change and schedule difference. Plus it was more fun to eat cookies and play video games. haha


When I started CF I was so scared as I had never really done anything too athletic before. I had taken dance classes and I rowed for a semester in college but that was it. I had always been "buoyant " (lol) so any sort of activity scared me. Crossift also feels kind of Alpha-male to me so I thought my place was over on the ellipticals where I belonged. It was nice when I realized I make my own experience.


My crossfit gym is pretty great. they accept me for me and where I am. They push me but not too much as I also fear about being injured. They are continually supportive. When I came back they didn't bat an eyelash. They just welcomed me back with open arms even though I had gained a substantial amount of weight.


I am of the firm belief that if I can do Crossfit anyone can. You just have to want to do it. There is no shame in scaling only pride that you're doing something to better yourself. If you don't want to oh well there is a ton of other options out there in quest of looking good naked. Find the establishment that is best for you.


It is really nice to see such kind coaches and folks on here that perpetuating what I have grown to believe about Crossfit. Maybe next year i'll try to go to the Nerd Fitness camp and connect with folks.

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"If you feel the coach is educating you and crafting a safe space to workout in, then do it. "


This. A million times this.


Also, for the fast, jerking movements of some Crossfit things (Olymipc lifts), do not underestimate the need for a stable core.

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Congrats on going for it!


As someone who has his fair share of injuries.


I will say this,


Have fun, do what you can, but, most of all listen to your body.


If things are not feeling right stop.


Oh and one more thing,


It took me a long time to figure this out,




Better to stop when you have a little bit left--than because you know you have over-done-it.


Hope this Helps.

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Preparation is all that is required. This means conditioning connective tissue (which is the stuff that connects the muscles we have). Generally, people get lost when they haven't been somewhere before. Same goes for injuries. One will get injured if the joint, ligament, tendon (connective tissue) hasn't gone somewhere before or in a long time. Predisposing the body to all ranges of motion both favorable and not is the surest way to get back to the impact that CrossFit offers. Something to ponder on... the muscle is strongest at its full length, similar to a rubber bands trajectory. If one is looking for healthier performance one should reconsider the type of preparation 

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