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M4st3rmind's First 6 Week Challenge Ever


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A few days late on this, but better than never.

Diet & Fitness Goals

  • Eat a full paleo diet for the duration of the challenge (including at Thanksgiving)
  • Lose 15 pounds at roughly 3 pounds per week
  • Continue working on the Beginner's Bodyweight Circuit (here) until it becomes easy, i.e. I can complete all exercises with correct form for 3 circuits. Move on to the advanced body weight circuit.

Life Goals

  • Read David Allen's book Getting Things Done(Amazon) and implement its system to get organized. I feel like some sort of organizational system is a required foundation for setting and reaching future goals. At the moment this is a point of suckiness for me.
  • Make and follow a budget and keep track of finances. Another point of suckiness.

And here we go. I'll post some measurements and a starting photo later this evening. That'll be hard for me to do because I'm pretty self-conscious about having my shirt off. But hey, that's why I'm doing this, right?

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I've been eating paleo for a few weeks and actually really enjoying it. It gives me a reason to cook more, and I actually prefer omelets and fruit and stuff for breakfast over cereal--which I've been eating literally all my life. I also already love seafood so eating more fish won't be difficult.

I had a lapse after a recent trip to Denver and eating only in hotels and restaurants. And then I got lazy one night and ordered a pizza. The 6 week challenge is pretty well timed to get me back on track.

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Daily Recap Oct. 27th

My camera's batteries are dead so a photo will have to wait until over the weekend. In other news, today counts as an eating success. I had a chicken salad for lunch and mango shrimp with spinach and artichokes for dinner (skipped breakfast). Snacks consisted of carrots and apples.

First exercise step was to determine if I'm a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser. I'm leaning towards evening at this point, but that's also a function of my weird sleep schedule. I'll try a workout tomorrow morning and see if my resistance to morning workouts comes mostly from not wanting to wake up earlier than I currently do. I'm sure that's what's going on, and honestly I should probably get up earlier and go to bed earlier anyway.

Breakfast tomorrow is planned to be a green pepper and mushroom omelet (or scrambled eggs because I can't really make omelets correctly.)

On the getting organized front, I've started to collect and sort through all my "input" stuff, i.e. everything that demands my attention, some project I want to start, or something that needs to change. I've got a giant pile of index cards that represents all that, and the next step is to sort through it all.

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