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Daisy's Challenge


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My first challenge. I've been in a bit of a rut/plateau of late, so this is just what I need.

1. Lose 5 pounds. I was at 167.6 this morning, so that means 162.6. I can do that if I focus and do the following:

2. Run at least two days a week (with bench push-ups along the way), and add some other cardio exercise (hiking, fast walking, playing with kids, etc) at least one other day a week. (If I run too much more, my shins ache.) Do rows, squats, and presses at least two days a week. Stretch/yoga regularly. Be active and play with my kids and dog.

3. Watch the sweets. Plan meals, especially lunch, to make sure I'm eating healthy. (Lately I've been going overboard with sweets; the warm weather has me craving ice cream.) Aim to make and bring a healthy lunch to work 4 days/week.

(Edited to correct original weight from 167.4 to 167.6; I had remembered wrong.)

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I was already feeling renewed focus on my health today, even before I realized it was the first day of the challenge. It was a good day.

1. Weight: 167.6, starting weight

2. Exercise: ran sprints at the park with my dog and son (exercise and play time together); did a few push-ups but not enough. Did lots of rows with 15 lbs dumbbells and presses with 10 lb dumbbells, and a ton of squats without weights, and some squats with 10 lb dumbbells.

3. Healthy breakfast and healthy, packed lunch. Did pretty well at dinner and avoided sweets.

A great way to start!

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A milestone already! I weighed in at 166 pounds at my Weight Watchers meeting today, down 1.6 from yesterday (though I suspect some of that was bloat from an indulgent Father's Day dinner the night before) and, more importantly, my first 10% goal with Weight Watchers!

I didn't expect to hit 10% today, so it was a lovely surprise, and a great motivator as I start this challenge.

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What's the weight watchers 10%? 10% lost since you started there?

Congratulations either way! It's also 32% of the way to your monthly goal!

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Congrats Daisy!

Momentum is a powerful thing, take it one day at a time and 28 days from now you can find yourself a whole new person.


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Jacob, Weight Watchers does have its own lingo. When you start with them, you have mini weight loss goals: first 5 pounds, then 5% of your starting weight, then 10%. You get little reward stickers for every 5 pounds, but at 10% you get a silly little cheap keychain that you can hang their next reward tokens on.

So, yeah, I lost 10% of my WW starting weight.

Steve, thanks for the encouragement!

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Day 3

I had another good day today! I weighed in this morning at 165.6, so down a tiny bit from yesterday. And I had a super healthy day of eating, with lots of veggies and healthy protein.

I didn't get in any weight work, but I rode my bike around a bunch today and really enjoyed being outside. All in all, a good day!

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day 4

Good weigh in this morning: 164.6! A new low. It seems like I've lost a lot this week, but I think my first weight was high after a weekend of excess.

I have a big challenge coming up this weekend: a business trip. So I'll work hard to stay on track.

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Checking in after being out of town: I had a crazy schedule for a few days, with some skipped meals and extra (ahem) drinks, but today I was at 166 and I don't think that's bad at all. I'll give myself a day or two to recover (I'm still exhausted from my trip) and then will crank it up again.

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I'm finally recovered from my work trip a week ago, after a great 4th of July weekend hanging out with my family. I ate some good, mostly healthy food, and went for two trail runs, which is really my favorite kind of exercise. My first run in particular was awesome--the trail was a beautiful, narrow path around a gorgeous mountain lake. The second run was great but cut short.

Now, to check in with my specific goals:

1. Lose five pounds

I weighed in at 165 this morning, which is great, and getting closer to my goal of 162.6

2. Run two days/week, get other cardio by playing with kids/dog one other day/week, and do rows, squats, and presses at least two days/week.

I'm behind on my weight work, in part because of I was out of town and away from my weights, but I totally rocked my other goals this weekend. I was outside with my kids all weekend--it was so fun!

3. Watch the sweets.

I've been doing good with this. I am trying to be much more conscientious about sweets and how they never satisfy me, but only leave me wanting more. I was proud of myself last Wednesday, when we had a work potluck overflowing with my favorite stuff, and I resisted it all!

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My last post: I didn't do great. I set out to lose five pounds (which was a bit ambitious) and lost 3.6. I'll take it. :)

I didn't exercise as much as I planned, but it's been an unexpectedly extra busy time, so I feel okay about that. Since I've mostly stayed on track with my weight loss and eating, I feel good.

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