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My Newt Changes - 185 or bust

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My history (as briefly as I can manage):


I began losing weight in March, 2014. My weight then was 260 pounds (I am 6' 1").


Tentatively undertaking the paleo/primal eating/life style and riding my bike to and fro work, and eventually a little body/free weight workouts I got my weight down to 200 pounds by October. YEAH!


Over the next three months (up until last week) I was hovering around 200 and making no progress and noticing myself slip back into my deplorable counter-productive tendencies.


I had a particularly bad binging session last Thursday, felt like shit and realized I had to get back on top of it or I would lose my momentum completely and ruin my progress.


I decided to pick a relatively arbitrary goal of 185 pounds by April, and have made that into my mantra.


"185" is what I repeat in my head when I encounter those decisions that either keep you on the right path or divert you into an increasingly dense and spooky forest of shame.


So far it has been working awesomely! Starting January 29th, 2015 my weight was 202.3 and this morning (after a very satisfying poo)

my weight was 194.6. This might be easier than I thought. 


These are the two main habits I encourage to myself by thinking "185":

1) Eating (good food) only when I'm hungry, and stopping when I'm satisfied.

2) Get some form of exercise every day, and a more intense workout every two or three days.


For the second, I have put together a quick and manageable workout I can do anywhere and in only about three or four minutes. A few simple static stretches, then three sets of: 8 squats, 12 pushups, 10 leg lifts and concluding with a 60-second plank. I plan to increase the intensity incrementally over the next two months. I am very willing to take some suggestions on this aspect, as well. 



I am heading to the gym right after this and by the end of the day I'll have rode my bike about 20 miles, done several various core and upper-body exercises, and eaten some healthful and tasty food meals.


I'll update with a new post as my journey proceeds.

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My gym experience was quite swell yesterday.


Did my usual warm-up then some core stuff and free weight stuff and stuff that I don't know the names of and was full of energy after it all. 


I went to the thrift store a block away from the gym, acquired some sweet items, then rode the four miles back home and scarfed down some carbs and protein.




Today I have been experimenting with paleo(ish) baking and made some coconut flour banana chocolate (there's the 'ish') muffins for my roommates and for my cousin's birthday party tomorrow. I also invented an inventive way to create natural, fruit flavored frosting (FFF). I'll explain:


1) I dehydrated some strawberries to the point of total crispitude, then ground them up into a delicious dust in a coffee grinder. 


2) I then took the solidified chunks of chilled, organic coconut milk and whisked it up into an airy cream.


3) I then dumped in the strawberry powder, some cinnamon, a little honey (for texture/flavor) and whisked it some more and it turned out PERFECT.


The muffins, once cooled (necessary because the frosting melts into liquid very quickly) topped with a light smear of the frost and a sprinkle of shaved macadamia nuts/cashew/coconut flakes was quite glorious and I felt very legitimately proud of myself. +1 to psychological health!


For dinner tonight I am experimenting with some new vegetables and sauces. I got a little head of butter lettuce for salad and plan on making a dressing out of gorgonzola, avocado, coconut milk (I seriously use this shit for everything) E.V.O.O./sesame oil and some undetermined spices and other things. 


I also got some fennel, shallot and belgian endive which I will use in some creative way with some chicken breast.


I gotta say that today has been a fluffing awesome relaxation and experimentation day. My weight this morning was 192.3, I went on a walk with my friend, had a poop that was a good 2.5/3 on the DSR, shaved my face to a handsome length, ate and will eat more great food, and will finish the night with an epsom salt bath and Aphex Twin, followed by Borderlands 2 or Minecraft, ending on a high note by masturbating then sleep.



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It has been one week since I set the goal of 185 pounds by April. 


Today I am at 191.9, down from 202.3. 


10.4 pounds in a week :o


Yesterday I proudly avoided overeating at a family function at which I normally would eat until there was no more food. It was a bigger challenge to my commitment than I've had throughout this past week, but repeating "185" in my head helped quite a lot, as well as the fact that I foresaw this challenge and told my dad and stepmom about my recent success and goals and let them know I wouldn't be overeating, explaining that I was telling them for the sake of accountability.


Things are good :]

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