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Macros for a Cutting Endomorph? Help!


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Rules of thumb are good!


As for my size: as of this morning, 205.6. A new low that I'm proud of. I've been dieting and exercising since January 5th, so about a month. I think I'd say I have more muscle mass than most people who aren't weight lifters even though I haven't been at this long, but I've got a long way to go in the gym in terms of strength. I'm somewhere between 27 and 30% body fat, which puts me at 150 lbs of lean mass. My scale tells me I'm 39.9% muscle (up from 39.1%), which if it can be trusted, means all of my muscles combined weigh 82 lbs.


What do you think for calories?


Which calculators do you trust for TDEE?

The advantage is that as endomorphs, more often than not we're not just good at adding fat to our bodies, but mass in general and that includes muscle. I'm pretty confident that doing even a little bodyweight training via my yoga during my weight loss journey helped a ton not only during, but afterwards, as I was able to end up with a lot more lean mass than I expected (also thanks to proper protein intake of course). The only issue later on will be to manage to gain muscle without gaining way too much fat as well but that's fine tuning calibration stuff that one can/should take their time with.


As far as calories go, 1700-1900 imo sounds totally fine. I'm a fan of steeper caloric deficits so I cut at 1200-1500cal, but I'm also only 5'7 and 140lbs and only do this 2-4 weeks at a time. The key here really is to see what fits you best (a recurring theme in all matters fitness and diet it seems) and what keeps you mentally sane as well as physically able to function and work out while providing a large enough deficit to keep progress going and you motivated. Regarding TDEE, I wouldn't worry too much about this as yours will change a lot going forward anyway. Usually I'd advise you to try to pinpoint maintenance calories and stay at them for a while to narrow down your actual TDEE, but what's the point if you're still looking to lose a good amount of weight which inevitably will decrease it a lot, too? What I would advise you to do though is to take at least your waist measurement in addition to your weight. Every week or 2 weeks should totally suffice, but it can be a great tool to keep you motivated if the scale doesn't budge for a while, but your waist keeps shrinking.

How about a glass of purgatory with a splash of heaven?

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Hi Milo! I'm new here. Actually signed in because of this thread.

I've read pretty much what you've read lol.. and have very much the same doubts.. except I'm insulin resistant, endomorph, naturally given the first I have PCOS aand I'm trying to keep myself plant based (not 100% vegan or vegetarian, just avoiding animal protein).

Also I'm lactose and casein intolerant so bye bye dairy and whey.

Any updates on your journey?

Any luck with your macros?

I'm pretty new trying to understand all that "macros" mean... just realized with an app I mostly consume Carbs although I though I was more balanced with my legumes and nuts.

My numbers

28 yo

143 lbs


I think I'm more of a endo/meso and I try to do some HIIT and I rebound a lot as well

I've been adding some strength workouts and have found that it makes me feel better the next day, also I'm seeing positive results... but I'm still afraid I'm going to bounce back to being far/fatty. I've lost about 28-30 lbs but I did use a diet pill for that.

I'm looking forward to hear any suggestions or even feedback.

I mostly eat fruits, legumes, nuts and veggies. 3 days a week I eat chicken eggs, only 1 or 2 days fish or shellfish and turkey. No beef and mostly no chicken given all the bad hormones. As said before no dairy since I'm allergic and I keep bread and pasta to a minumum. One or 2 days a week some rice. Corn tortilla one or two on one meal only.

I don't surpass the 1600-1750 cals a day and workout 5-6 times a week.

So I'll keep "surfing the net" hopefully finding some guidelines/answers!

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