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I Want to Be the Best for My Family

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Greetings and general salutations to all. This is my first post. I am a newbie to the Rebellion and my wife will also be joining with me on our quests - as individuals and as a couple. I read somewhere that Steve said we need to write down why we want to get fit/healthy/better than this...so, I took some time last night to quickly jot down a couple of things and will use them as my mission statement for the Rebellion:

1.)  I want to live up to my potential as a child of God.

2.)  I want to be on top of whatever it is I am engaged in.

3.)  I want to be the most amazing and awesome man my wife knows.

4.)  I want to be the greatest Dad, ever, my kids will know.

Fairly simple I know, but clear cut and without confusion. I know this group, this way of life, will not only benefit me physically, but I believe it will do the same for me mentally and spiritually. With that in mind, what do you all suggest would be the first thing out of the gate for this first week? Do the body weight exercise? Walk/jog? I have dropped pop from my life - wasn't that much to begin with but I know the danger of diet pop now! I appreciate your thoughts and encouraging words and look forward to updating my (ghastly) photo probably tomorrow. Have a great day everyone. Peace and mercy to you and yours.

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Hello! Shawn and Sarah here. We are also a couple new to the rebellion! We have been on our own journey since October and it has been much easier going through this journey with someone at your side! We originally started with weights but recently came across the body weight exercises and have been really feeling them! Walking is a great idea too, but just find out what you love to do! It's not so much WHAT you do, it's what you LOVE to do. Sometimes our cardio is just shooting hoops! What you enjoy doing will be the only program that sticks. Good luck!

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Shawn & Sarah

Wilkes-Barre, PA




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