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Shawn (27) and Sarah (30) here from Wilkes-Barre, PA! We are a couple that is trying to lose weight, get stronger and live a more meaningful life!

Since Oct 2014 we have been tracking our nutrition on MyFitnessPal and strength training doing an exercise for every muscle: Bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, lat pulldowns, calf raises, leg presses, shoulder presses etc.

Although we lost about 30 combined inches and lost about 20 lbs, it has been mentally exhausting keeping up with all those exercises and we should be further than where we are! After reading Steves article on weight machines and thoughts on body weight exercises we will now adapt a body weight (mostly) program and have already done 2 days of this and feel like these exercises are working more than our old ones. We want to have functional strength that will help us in our lives outside of the gym.

Shawn is using the assisted pull-up and dip machine until he can have enough strength to do them on his own. He has already tried inverted rows and doesn't have the strength yet. On days he doesn't use the assisted machine he does push-ups.

Sarah switches between the lat-Pulldown and back row machines because she doesn't have the strength for the assisted machines or inverted rows. Sarah does push-ups as well. We both do body weight squats with a medicine ball and we do planks.

It has been very hard for us to wrap our heads around the fact of just doing a push exercise, a pull exercise, a leg and a core exercise will produce better more functional results than hitting each individual muscle, but we are trusting Steve!

We want to master our body weight first than later down the road might get into deadlifts and squats.

I hope we are on the right path!

Thanks for reading!

-Shawn & Sarah

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Shawn & Sarah

Wilkes-Barre, PA




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Awesome! Thanks for your reply to my post! We will be following along with ya'll and look forward to seeing where this journey will lead us all! We actually will be in Williamsport this Summer for a campmeeting I am to preach in...we've been there about ten times now! Love PA and all the fine people up there. God bless and have a great weekend! We are hitting the gym today for cardio and I am going to do some squats - don't care who's watching or why - just got to get it done! Blessings your way!

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