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Hello - I am Sam Ashen!

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Hello, fellow Fitness Nerds!


Here I will introduce myself.  Most of the details of my occupation and current geographic location will be omitted.  However questions are always welcome.


Bio: 42 year old engineer, guy's guy kind of guy, nerdy in a nerdy profession.


Gaming History: Retro PC Games such as Master of Orion and Baldur's Gate; Civilization up to 4.  Played World of Warcraft years ago.  Some experience with board games and generally familiar with the older editions of D&D, but do not know the right people in the geographical area I am living in.  Currently playing Knights and Dragons on Android and involved with a great guild.   :)


List of activities in the weekly routine include work, go to gym, eat, play games, sleep - among other things, enough for people to wonder what I do with my spare time.  Currently re-working my schedule to include more social activities.


Fitness history:


Grew up a very skinny kid.  I finished high school at 135 pounds dripping wet.  I did some light weight training with a kid weight set, some running, and some karate.


Add 6 pounds per year or so and by 25, my sister was teasing me about how fat I had become.  I was doing a lot of on-again and off-again stuff.


At 27, I made my first geographical move and joined a gym and started working with trainers.  Weight went from 185 to about 175, then crept upwards again.  I moved two more times in my low 30's and went through similar cycles.  The last move was five years ago and I was at 217.


I gave up beer about three years ago - and saw my weight plummet from 205 to 175 in the space of one year.  I have most of those pounds back now.


I rediscovered weight training through another nerdy website.  I learned I was doing squats wrong my entire life.  I learned I was doing bench press wrong my entire life.  I learned how to do power cleans and front squats.  I learned all of these lifts are related.


The previous year, I put on a lot of weight, but put up a lot of numbers I have never seen before - rapidly.


I just signed up on Nerd Fitness today and the first quest I got was to walk ten minutes.  (After deadlifts - okay?)


Since I have been putting up numbers so rapidly (+20% Overhead) last year, I will continue to work on those numbers.  Weight goals are determined based on lift goals, and vice versa - I am not currently concerned were these numbers cross.  For example, I would like to see my 5x5 Bench Press sets cross with my body weight - or my 1RM Push Press cross with my body weight.  When these happen, I will revisit my goals.  I might decide afterwards to lean up.


I have not officially rolled a character or joined a guild, but understand that just like Munchkin, I start off at Level 0 and no class.  ( :lol:)

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Classless Human Male Warrior - Introduction

Height: 1.77m Weight: 93 kg



Current Maxes: (repsxkg)

Squat: 10x122.3, 5x138.2, 3x147; 1x170

Bench Press: 10x79, 5x93, 1x102

Deadlift: 10x152, 5x192, 3x210, 1x229

Overhead Press: 10x52, 5x61, 1x70.3

Current Battle Log: 1707 Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program

2017 Challenges:  1701 1702 1703 1704 1705

Previous Challenges: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1609  1610 1611 1612

Daily Log:The Daily Grind

Form Check:  Stronglifts Olympic

More FC's:  Pistol Squats

Want to play?  MFPvP



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