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French in need here

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Hello everybody,
I'm Max, 21, french, student
i just started a new life (new home, new place) and i motivated to begin work out...
My goal is to have a muscled body for this summer
The problem is that i feel a little alone in this achievement so i came here to find someone who could be a sort of "work out virtual buddy", someone who could help me to begin, who could explain some work out things, who could follow me during this achievement...
i count on this big community to find what i'm looking for, i hope it will help 
Thank you, 



(we have Nick Fury in the smileys !  :pirate:

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We do? Nick Fury? Omg we do. :pirate: This is the best.


If you still need someone, I be happy to help with anything you need. The beginning is always the hardest, but you'll do great.


I'm Kay by the way.


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.†

~Paulo Coelho


I'm a level 3 moon elf, who's an druid assassin.


My Inspiration

Tumblr, which helps me stay the course for art challenge

FB, which I guess we could be friend :tongue:

My challenge



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I'm in too, if you need help! Plus, I'm currently based in France, too.

  • Ladygazza  :lemo: 

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