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Mel's Workout Log

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Bkfst: Iced brewed coffee, cherry yogurt parfait

Lunch: greek yogurt parfait, med apple

Dinner: bacon cheddar burger patty, boiled egg, stir fry veggies

Supplement: fish oil

Total Calories (FatSecret phone app): 1209

32% fat

58% carbs

18% protein

(total of 108%... wondering about this phone app)

I'm thinking that consuming a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is going to be a challenge.

42g protein on Monday

47g protein on Tuesday

47g protein on Wednesday

96g protein on Thursday

57g protein on Friday

Nowhere near 190g.

Workout: walk/run for 2 miles

~Mel ••• Starbuck is my hero •••

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like mattD said, don't give up doing the things you are doing right until you find the answer to your quandary. egg whites, whey protein and skim milk are my low calorie ways of getting a lot of protein without kicking up my fat and calorie intake much...

i don't care what u think of me. unless u think i'm awesome. in which case u're right.

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