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I'm starting this challenge a week late because of personal timelines. I spent October focused on some really specific things, and I wanted to make sure that focus lasted a full month. Leo said. :]

I'm using this challenge as a chance to look at the way I've been approaching fitness. Since I started trying to get in shape in college, I've always been really focused on the physical aspect -- trying to make myself look better in them jeans, for example.

I don't want the physical results to be my goal anymore. First, my body is going to look like whatever it's going to look like, so I shouldn't worry about trying to look the same way anyone else looks. Second, the point of being fit isn't to look good in them jeans. It's to take care of yourself by eating well and using your body to do awesome things you think are fun.

So that's what this month is about -- rewiring my thoughts around fitness and its purpose.

To that end, my goals:

  • Work out four days each week, including one yoga session. (Fitness - workouts)
  • Eat paleo, with one cheat day per week. (Fitness - diet)
  • Cook dinner (for myself and my housemates or just myself) at least three nights per week. (Fitness - diet AND Life-leveling - cooking skillz)
  • Wear my Vibrams to work two days each week. (Fitness - general awesomeocity)
  • Acquire a standing desk at work. (Fitness - lifestyle)
  • Write every day. (Life-leveling - writing)
  • Meditate every day.

I start tomorrow -- on Halloween. Lurve.

Fitbit | Fitocracy | Endomondo | Tweets"The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty-five years ago. The second best time is today." - James Carville

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