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4 weeks of paleo.. And I'm putting weight ON???!

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@Foxtrot, if you like soups, this one is really, really good!




I leave out the honey just because it didn't seem to need it.


I've also made this with butternut squash and less sweet potato, and with parsnips added. I think any squash would work in this soup. If you eat dairy, a little dollop of yogurt when serving is nice in the soup; imagine a little dollop of coconut milk might be nice instead, just to add a bit more body. If you don't have apples handy, unsweetened applesauce works in a pinch too. The apples add a hint of sweetness.


This soup makes a huge batch and it freezes well.

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I've been making huge batches of Paleo soups lately.  Whenever I run out of inspiration I'll go to Pinterest to find something that looks yummy, and then I'll Paleo-ify it.


A large crockpot ought to give you a serving a day (or more) for about a week, and you can cram it as full of meat and veggies as you like (or do not like).

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