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Gunslinger born: Chapter 1 (erosan's challenge log)


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I usually try to make my challenges scored on a percentage or some scale so that ANY progress is rewarded.  Positive changes are cumulative!!  So, think about what you DID accomplish this challenge rather than where you're going to fall short because of life ....



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Not dead... just busy busy busy! and then busy some more.
Whew... really. life tried to kill me these past 6 weeks but I survived, yay! This challenge most probably did not. Oh well live and learn... speaking of which:
Things I've learned and what I'll do with that knowledge (damage control edition)
Since it's been soooooo long since the last update I feel like reviewing the goals... more for me than for you guys.

1. LEANER (paleo cookbook edition) - While keeping eating paleo at least 80% of the time, record kitchen adventures: at least 3 recipes per week. (+3 WIS if 75%+ success), lose some more weight too! (+2 CHA:if at least 2kg lost).

2. FITTER (reprise) 3 times a week bodyweight (+3 STR:if 75%+ success), 1 sprint (+2 DEX:if 75%+ success).
3. HEALTHIER - Go to bed before 3am, sleep at least 6 hours. (+2 CON if 75%+ success on rest time).

LIFE SIDEQUEST - Rather than learning something (which I'll end up doing anyways, because I know myself) I decided I want to do at least 1 productive (not daily task) thing every day (monday through friday).


So, how did I do?


Pretty poorly probably, but let's see if we can salvage this: 

I did not post/write the recipes, and I still weight 80.7 kg (so, lost weight, but not enough to call this a success). Still, I was fearing the post 3-week-hiatus weight in and this ain't too bad a result. At least not a huge setback. Meaning even if I was careless about my diet and not as active as I should've I managed to maintain the progress. I'll take that as a victory. And .8 kg down is .8 kg closer to goal weight.


Exercise: the NEAT program is good, it works and I plan on keeping on with it for a little longer, till I feel like I at least gave it a fair time to work its magic on me (though I'll say that I feel like I was making progress, though not incredibly quickly... but it was constant and never boring)


Last chance of redemption is the whole go to bed early (before 3am). And that went south pretty early during this challenge too anyways. For once I am addicted to going to bed late. I am a night owl and I might be beyond salvation on this. But I'd say I'm sleeping and resting a lot more now compared to before.


The silver lining was my life sidequest I decided to do stuff everyday. And I did. Oh boy, did I do stuff. SOOOOOO much stuff was done. Seriously.


Anyone here know I partnered with an ex-coworker to open a restaurant? and during last challenge we opened the second location? well... investors came, and long story short: we should open the third Canada Burger quite soon. As in 2 weeks time soon. So try to picture the workload involved into creating a franchise, supervising the construction and design of a restaurant, and if you can, add the pressure of cutting your executive team down to half, because of a disagreement of opinion on one of the owners (hint: if your director of operations claims making money is NOT important at all, it's probably a good idea to boot him from the team... and so we did, which was good except we discovered 2 guys had to pick up the slack of everything he was supposedly doing but he didn't-- and then deal with his girlfriend leaving too without prior notice, not that it mattered because we were able to substitute her for like half of what we were paying her and for someone who actually did work)... And all of that while being a single father due to the wife being stuck in the other end of the country for work reasons. Oh and during that I hosted my brother who came for his birthday all the way from Chicago and and and... who knows what else. I lost track of everything I was doing at one point. Oh and I lost a week to a mean cold (though even that is but a blur now)


Anyways. Lessons learned?


"life is a bitch?"


Being serious though... I think I had the right ideas on the overall direction, but I need to scale down my goals because what I need is to work on building the framework of the building that will be my future self.


So, recipe creation is good, but it's though when you don't have the pantry under control. I'll aim to fix this instead.

Exercise is good, but I need to schedule the time instead of just saying I will. I'll aim to fix this instead.

More rest is good, but though to accomplish if your daily life is a mess. I'll aim to fix this instead.


I am granting myself the level, because I've earned experience from this challenge, even if it was unsuccessful. I am not granting myself the stat points though, on account of me not making the grade on any of my goals.


So there. Will you guys join me on the next chapter of my journey? Regardless of where our paths are taking us (different goals and all), I'd like to keep tabs on the people who followed me (and whom I followed) on this challenge. When the next 6wc start, look for me (hopefully I'll manage to convince someone to make me an ambassador even if I royaly f**ked upt this 6wc) or send me a msg with a link to your log.



OH! I guess I did earn some stats afterall! nearly forgot about minis! I did week 1 trohouth 5 so 

+1 CHA

+1 DEX

+1 CON

+1 STA

+1 STR


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Yikes, interesting times are yours indeed.


Still, how exciting that your restaurant is growing and franchising out. Your life is leveling up, and you still kept up with training and diet regardless.


Man. The restaurant business does not tolerate soft people. Way to be hard, man.


Anyway, I think I'll take a gander at your next challenge. See about following along. :)

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