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Cheechoe is AWESOME


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This is a place holder for our beloved hobbit-y guild leader.


Post here if you think Cheechoe is awesome.  She can edit later with real challenge goals.



I'm just going to leave this up here because I love you guys. <3


















How? What? WHEN?!?



It's easy. I simply repeat last challenges task, as if they haven't yet come to pass.


Because maybe it hasn't yet. Maybe your past self had read what my future self had written and you cheered my past self on without my future self knowing what she was to accomplish yet.







So last challenge went surprisingly well for me. I wracked my brain to come up with something just as epic, but I think it worked for me because of the specific goals and motivations I had already outlined. Sooooooo....I'm gone do it again. (Or ....for the FIRST time??.....)



1. Be Less Wibbly





Goal: Get down consistently below goal of 145#.


Current Weight ~ 150.8




I find that I do best when I am tracking my food in MFP. Therefore, I will attempt to track the entire challenge while maintaining my calorie cut.



I also only ever see results when I heed my cut. Since the tapering calorie counting worked, I'ma do it again. The weekly plans are as follows:


Weekly Plan:

Week 1: 2000 cal

Week 2: 1600 cal

Week 3: 1800 cal

Week 4: 2000 cal

Week 5: 1600 cal

Week 6: 1800 cal


Also try to post MLP numbers and weekly weights on this thread for accountability needs. :D


Now I binged a lot for the off week, so I'm starting with the higher cut number. Hoping to ease myself in and get strict the second week while I'm still all motivated.


Gone burn dat Adipose!!!





+2 CON; +3 CHA





2. Best Butt in The Universe






With my recent weight loss (about 6 lbs) I found it easier to do BW exercises like air squats. Putting the 200 per day in my challenge helped build some fundamental strengths I felt I had lost.


I'm going to do the 200 sets of exercises again to continue to build my posterior chain, but I found I needed some way to test if that muscle group was actually gaining anything or if the exercise was just getting easier because I was a bit lighter.


So now I'm also adding ONE session of heavy lifting per week. That's not too much to add to the 200 sets of whatevers, but enough to test my progress.







Weekly Plan :


Week 1: 200 Squats/Day

Week 2: 200 Lunges/Day

Week 3: 200 Slow Kicks/Day  (100/leg)

Week 4: 200 1 Leg Dead Lifts/Day (100/leg)

Week 5: 200 Slow Kick/Day (100/leg)

Week 6: 200 Squats/Day




+3 STR





3. Beat the Alarm Clock




Get out of bed on the morning and work out!!



OK OK OK. I keep giving myself this goal because it. just. won't. stick. I do well when it's a challenge, but the minute I DON'T put it as a challenge, I end up sleeping in EVERY time.



I really just have more energy when I workout before work. Even if it's something not so great. As long as I break a decent sweat I just do better.


I have to be stronger than my bed is comfortable.



This sounds possible now. But when it's cold:





I will give myself ONE DAY PER WEEK on work days when I can sleep in. The other days I MUST get up, or it is a fail.



Again,  Ambassador SevenFoot Geek, AKA Enforcer From Above, will pick my punishment workout for an failures here. This time I'll try not to curse his name. No I won't.



+2 DEX; +2 STA; +1CHA





4. Time Is Money







Last challenge I started a "Cheat Jar" for myself. I added money for anything that wasn't primal, anytime I went over my calorie limit, or whenever I had a fuckall cheat day.


Yeah...I ended up with $88. This will go toward something fitness.


Since this REALLY worked for me (I STILL lost weight and ended up with money to help me further this goal) I am doing it again.


This time, my goal is to BEAT my $88 dollars from last challenge. And by BEAT, I mean end up with LESS by the end of this 6 weeks.



Cheats consist of such items:


 any sweets

non-primal food (bad carbs)


going over calorie allotment



+2 WIS







This has been a trip to the past from the future. Brought to you by all the nerds who for some reason think Cheechoe is Awesome.



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and pre-subbed even!!!!

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I am so happy you followed through with this.




Because I was going to if you didn't.

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Ok this is totes amazeballs.


It has me all giddy!


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I'm very disappointed with my first attempt...it was pre-noms and pre-coffee this morning....so now that I am a lil more awake here goes.....

This thread makes my.......


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“It’s the sensible, logical thing to do, of course, which is why we don’t do it.” -Tanis, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." - Raistlin - Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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omg thread for Cheechoe~



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Raptron, alot assassin

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Did someone say GIFS?!




How exciting! I LOVE GIFS!!!




Let's party hard peeps!



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