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Tialoredron's Arterial Review/Diagnostic In Scope (of body) [TARDIS]


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Main Quests:

Workout to improve overall health

Document and improve PR's

Improve running: 5k [26:30-ish on 19 November 2014] 10k [57:12 on 31 December 2014]

Ruck 20 miles in full battle weight

Become proficient with weapons: Bow, Handgun, Longarms [rifle, shotgun, etc.]

Learn a martial art; Learn a sword style

Learn a second language; Learn a third Language

Earn a Master's Degree

Dive Florida Keys; Australia/Great Barrier Reef; Japan


Previous 6 week quest Results

Completed strength workouts and aerobic workouts and improved PR's successfully.  Finances have also improved and I have eliminated my credit card debt while making double payments on my student loan and minimum on all my other loans. I am partially prepared to take the GRE, but I am not registered for the test just yet and I would like to take a couple of practice tests first.



During the down week, I found out that I may have blood pressure issues.  I have already purchased a blood pressure monitor and I plan to check my pressure throughout this challenge.


6 Week Challenge Goals:



Strength Workout 3x/week [Cross-fit Gym sessions; Body weight workout if I do not make a session] [sTR +3]

Aerobic workouts 2x/week [minimum of 1.5 miles running/10 minutes or some equivalent exercise with minimum of 10 minutes] [DEX +2 STA +2]



Pay off as much debt as possible [Credit Card > Student Loan > Car Loan > Personal Loan] [WIS +2]

Prepare for and take GRE to apply to graduate school [WIS +2]

Monitor and record Blood Pressure at least 1x/day; If higher than 120/80 for more than one week discuss with doctor. [WIS +1 CON +3]

           May evolve into a diet goal to track diet risk factors. The only other causal risk I believe I have is genetics/family history of high blood pressure.



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A little bit more background:


I feel like I have built a good habit for working out and I don't see myself failing the fitness goals.  I believe it is still important for me to record and post on my fitness goals, but I am not sure how to keep the goal challenging but doable other than setting the goal as completing workouts for the week.  It seems that this is still working out for me and I don't want to change it, but I don't want to post the same goals in all of my challenges; especially when the goal of the previous challenge were completed as well as it was for last challenge.


Would this be the right time to post my workouts to my daily battle log and focus the 6 week challenge goals on the life goals that I have?

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I have also started monitoring my blood pressure 2x/day; first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.  I figure this would be the best chance to have the lowest blood pressure during the day, but I have been well over 135/83 [i don't have the numbers offhand, but the device saves up to 60 measurements with a time stamp; I plan on getting my own note binder to record those measurements].  I may plan to go see my doctor on Friday of next week with my measurements and discuss this in further detail.


All bills are paid for this month, need to check my budget spreadsheet and update it to see how much I have leftover.  If I double the payment I have been paying my student loan with, I can actually have it paid off in about 3 years. I also need to build up my reserve again; so the goal for the foreseeable future is to pay double what was minimum due on my student loan until paid off, pay credit card bill in full, and [as measure of progress towards goal] save $1k as an emergency fund [$200 has already been saved and hasn't been touched for months].

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Started tracking my blood pressure since the evening of the 18th and have been measuring once before I go to bed and once I get up in the morning (two measurements per day, at the ideal most relaxed parts of my day).  Out of the 12 measurements taken (due to irregular heartbeat reading), I have had Stage I hypertension for half of my measurements and prehypertension for the other half.  My pulse is also consistently less than 60 bpm (averaging 51 bpm).


I plan to make an appointment tomorrow to confirm, but it looks as if I do have high blood pressure. Unfortunately, this issue is not getting fixed by physical activity (Crossfit 3x/week and aerobic/sports 2x/week) and this issue is also what started me to get into fitness.  The only non-drug solution is diet, but I typically cook/make my own meals. Most work lunches are deli meat sandwich with baby spinach and tomato, PB&J sandwich, 2 carrots, an apple, yogurt (usually non-fat), mixed fruit cup, applesauce, and (quaker granola bars, ritz crackers, other processed snack) and dinners are usually chicken or ground beef with summer squash or broccoli, or chicken pot pie/casserole.  I normally skip breakfasts due to time management and force of habit from fasting.  The weekends have been the most dangerous to my diet as it depends on the game group what dinner is (pizza, sushi, other restaurants). 


I don't see what I could change in my diet that would have a big impact, and I know I may not have the "paleo" approved diet, but I am happy with my body image and the occasional sweet treat now and then.  I have read a few sources suggesting fish and vegetarian diet, but I am not comfortable with giving up red meat, pork, bacon (especially bacon), and chicken.


In better news, I have a positive balance of about $400 this month for the budget goal (1 foreseen purchase of gasoline factored in).  Hope that I can do just as well as next month for the budget!

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ughhh...<start rage>Thanks good Samaritan for picking up my white board and cleaning off the weights and times I had done for my WOD (Rx-ed)...before I had a chance to record them in a more permanent system or memorized them! <end rage>


Oh well, at least I was able to read a few of the numbers that were erased and pieced together most of it from what I could remember/best guesstimate. 2 WODs down, run for today and another WOD tomorrow.  I have continued monitoring my blood pressure, but I need to transfer the records so I can bring them to the doctor.

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Sorry about the late post; I just got a bit lazy and maybe a bit depressed about a few things (blood pressure being the main source) but I am alright.


I am not sure if there really is any dietary changes that can help out; but I am willing to hear them if it could lower my blood pressure (if I need to lower it). I think the biggest fear of mine is the thought of being dependent on drugs for life (I know blood pressure =/= pain killer dependency and that there are worse dependencies/drugs that some do rely on; it is just the outlook of the act of taking drugs so early and that I hate the thought of relying on drugs to fix my problems. This is very similar to my outlook of multivitamins, supplements, enhancers, etc.; I shouldn't need what I can't take from the food I eat, and I shouldn't need to alter my body by adding chemicals from pharmaceutical labs to prevent sickness. I have taken mandatory vaccinations because I am required to, but I do not give my full trust into the system).


I just want to be able to truly be able to live independent of others (read I want to live debt free, able to produce my own goods in whatever form to trade/barter for the goods I cannot, and live in good health not reliant on drugs/medications to sustain life).


Week 1 Summary:


Strength Workouts: 3/3 A; I started a Fitocracy account and put in Thursday's WOD. Gained two levels immediately off one WOD. I am not sure how much I really like the app as I am following my box's Crossfit program and reporting here; I feel like it is a bit much but I get to see my PRs on my phone (which I almost always have). To be honest, if I had found fitocracy first, I may not have even come to NF; but I do prefer NF community and its system. I am not sure if I will really keep up with Fitocracy, but it is there if I want it now.


Aerobic Workouts: 2/2 A; I actually decided to run the treadmill (SO MUCH HATE!) due to inclement weather. The last time I ran in the rain wasn't too bad but for the overflowed trail. Last week was raining harder and longer than it had on the previous trail run during a rainstorm so I decided to do a treadmill workout to avoid a potential worse trail condition.  Ended up running about 2 miles (but wanted to do the 5k) before my calves seemed to refuse running longer.  This week I will attempt a 5k again.


Finances: 4/10 for progress; I don't think I will make the full $1000 emergency fund by the end of the challenge, but it will be very close.


GRE: Incomplete; I was planning on signing up for later this month, but I have been polled for jury duty. More to follow to see if I will push my timeline to take the GRE earlier or postpone until after jury duty. The good news is that I can take time off to prep for and take the GRE, so it is a matter of finding a good time to take the test.


Health: 6/7; I missed 1 full day to monitor my blood pressure (missed the evening of the 27th through and including the morning of the 1st) but I have at least one measurement for each other day. I have everything transcribed onto a notepad and my doctor's appointment is scheduled for Thursday 5 March.


Week 2:

Yesterday's WOD was actually 15.1 from the Open, completed 2 rounds +11 reps at 95 lbs (darn you Snatch!) and 125 lbs Clean and Jerk. Today I get to find my 1x max for the press (Whoop!) and I will be Rx-ing the WOD (WhoopWhoop!)

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Oh will you look at that too! My NF anniversary was 21 February!


Looking back at my first challenge, not too much has changed in my goals (workout 3x/week and run 2x/week). Before it was all about getting a workout into my normal routine, and I struggled a few times but I made a majority of my workouts happen. It advanced to getting comfortable to get back inside the gym, and I have indeed gotten back into it (although it is not necessarily the gym where I walk in, do my own workout w/o a trainer/spotter, and walk out like I wanted/thought I wanted to do) and absolutely love the community of the gym I am with. Now I am pushing triple digits on almost all my weighted movements!


My runs have taken a backburner for the past couple of months, but I am very proud of myself of accomplishing 10k.  I think I could even do the half-marathon in sub 2:30:00, but I need to motivate myself and get on top of it.  I am a bit concerned in the fact that I have heard weightlifting and running don't combine well (when trying to improve both). Perhaps what I will start doing is running before or after the WODs.


My initial health issue that brought me to NF is here again (I had hoped that working out was the issue, but that does not seem to be the case). I tried a few stress exercises, but I didn't follow through (got rid of the stress is what really happened). Felt pretty good about life in general and was pretty content until another hospital visit with hypertension blood pressure caused me to look into it again. Hopefully this time I can manage my problems instead of just implementing a solution without follow-up.

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Happy one year anniversary!


I think it is easy to become frustrated and feel that we aren't any progress, but to look back at where we were a year ago can be quite inspiring. I need to follow you lead and have a look at how far I have come too. Congratulations on your year's progress.

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So, my 1x max for OHP (as notes in sig) is 95 lbs from the WOD on Tuesday, and I may have even been the last person to finish it, but I am still content that I RXed it! (21-15-9 Backsquat 125lbs pushups and 200 m run [only completed one 200 m run after each pushup set completion, as opposed to 21 200 m runs, 15 200 m run, etc.])


Wednesday I was able to complete 5.01 km in 27:54 (not too shabby considering I have been out of practice and my quads were on fire, again).


Yesterday's WOD was entertaining; worked up to 95% front squat and then 12 minutes EMOM 9 KB swings at 18 kg/40-ish lbs (prescribed was 70 lbs/32-ish kg) for even minutes and 6 Wall balls 20lbs and 3 med ball sit ups.  I went with the lighter weight for KB swings as that was my "heavy" weight that I could do American (The next step up [44 lbs/20-isat the box I can do a Romanian swing) so I figured it would be a good weight for the WOD.  My coach then corrected my form and it felt like the weight just flew above my head (amazing what you can do with good form)! KB swing form has been added to the many skills I need to improve on.


I was invited into the Endurance class again after the WOD, to which we actually did more strength with Back Squats (PRed at 175 lbs!) and went into 3.5 km row (completed in 15:17) followed by more KB swings. I didn't take into account how exhausted I was for the swings and decided to step up the weight to RX at 44 lbs/20-ish kg and I felt like I degraded into my old form for most of the reps.


PT this afternoon with highs of 54 deg F and I only brought my t-shirt and shorts...(I will be cold and that will motivate me to keep moving at least!)


Also, talked to my doctor yesterday and we have labs being processed as well as a five day blood pressure check next week along with a follow on next month. Had a manual test performed along with multiple machine measurements and had one result below 120/80 (don't remember exact numbers). This morning I also had something like 117/78 (with an irregular heartbeat, but it seems that my machine gets that flag often)


Week 2 Progress

Gym Workouts 3/3

Aerobic Workouts 3/2

Finances No progress

GRE No progress

Health 7/7

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Week 3 is almost over (ish) and things have been going decently well. I actually wasn't enjoying the WODs earlier this week too much, but I think I was just getting into some weird Daylight Savings Time moody funks and still am. I am finding myself knowing I should be getting into bed by 10 and I will be hit or miss with that; but I still am awake until about 11 in either case. I also either sleep through my alarms or "dream" I turn off my alarm when it goes off and wake up an hour after I mean to. I still make it to work on time, but I am rushing out the door which I hate doing.


On the WODs: I actually enjoyed Annie (50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Under jump rope and Ab Mat Sit Ups) on Monday even though I was close to last at finishing (I think I was at 15:52). Tuesday I was less than thrilled with (100 Kettle bell Snatches with 3 Handstands every minute on the minute until completed).  One of my issues is that the coach didn't really go through teaching us the movement for the KB Snatch, so I felt like I was performing the movement wrong the entire WOD.


Yesterday I was planning on doing another 5k, until 1.5 miles later at 13:03 and with my legs from DOMS and running fatigue at the same time, I decided it was best to call it there.  I am really starting to get disappointed with my run times because I feel like I am really moving slower and I am in constant pain during the run. My stretching could probably use some work, but I have never really had this issue before.


I have been to the doctor since Monday getting my blood pressure monitored and they have mostly been normal even though my own readings are high. I would like to hope that it is just my monitor that is skewed, but I should be talking to my doctor tomorrow to review the readings.


My truck is nearing 100k miles  and I have scheduled an appointment for service for it. I am also including several (hopefully) minor repairs. I didn't really factor this into the budget, but I have been cutting out all costs besides mandatory bills, groceries, and gas so I should be able to afford it. I really hope I am able to put a little money into savings at the end of the month even after this, but I also want to start getting my costumes for DragonCon started.


Still no progress on GRE as I will delay until after jury duty.

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Week 3 Summary


Gym Workouts: 3/3; I have actually dropped off the last week in regards to the Fitocracy app. I did set myself up for failure on that end, but the import part is that I am actually working out as opposed to spending the ridiculous amount of time to put in the WOD by exercises individually.


Aerobic Workouts: 2/2; I am still worried about my runs, so starting week 4 I will include running as a warmup to my WODs. I think 1k meters is about 5 laps around the building there and that should take no more than 5 minutes.


Finances: The repair shop actually costed double what I expected and they didn't even address the issue I had made the appointment for (they only charged for the job they did perform, so I will need to spend more money for them to fix those minor issues I had wanted to dovetail with the 100k mile service). I haven't updated my spreadsheet for this month, but I don't expect I will be able to add anything to the emergency fund this month.


Health: 6/7; As it turns out, every manual monitor for the blood pressure has been under 120/80. I talked with my doctor and determined that my machine is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 points skewed high.  I am still suspect of the results and plan to get a reading about once a month from the doctor. I didn't actually monitor my blood pressure at all this weekend, but I will do them at least once per day (I am planning on getting it done in the mornings).


GRE: No progress; 1 week out from Jury duty...

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Week 4 is going well so far; I have incorporated running 1000 meters before the WODs on Monday and Tuesday this week and it seems this is exactly what I needed. I suppose there was just too much time in between my running workouts that my muscle lost its efficiency for running, so I will be building up to 10k again.


I am also dropping the health  goal as I will consider that mission accomplished; as noted above, the apparent issue was just calibration of the monitors, but I still plan to go to the doctor at least once a month.  I haven't monitored my blood pressure in the morning like I said I would and I think the novelty of having a potential for blood pressure has worn off and has been adequately disproven.


In exciting news, busted my Back Squat PR by 15 lbs (total of 185 lbs total)! I also feel like I am getting better physically and am excited about taking the fitness test to see how much I have progressed from last year. I am required to take it in September, but I am thinking of taking at least a practice test sometime before the end of next month.


Over the weekend, I also did a quick Body Fat measurement using the Navy and YMCA algorithms and they put me around 16-17%; took a look at Steve's article and my observations (aka the Mirror Test) match up with that as well. I have been putting on weight even though I don't feel like I have been eating more or unhealthy, but I am glad that I have a good BF% from the quick measurements.  I would like to drop it down to the sub 10% to expose my awesome abs, but I am currently unwilling to change my diet. 

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Week 4 Summary:


Gym Workouts: 3/3; Still going strong!


Aerobic Workouts: 2/2 along with 3/3 1000 meter runs before gym workouts. My one tracked run was 2.44 km in 12:16.


Finances: No updates


GRE: No update


Health: Completed


Week 5 progress:


Jury duty took Monday Tuesday as well as Wednesday; was able to get my gym workout in on Monday but didn't get to my workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday I was able to get back into my workouts.  I think I may have a pretty open schedule mid-April and am planning on taking my test in that timeframe.

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Week 5 Summary


Gym Workouts: 2/3 I skipped Tuesday's workout and didn't replace it with a bodyweight workout like I should have


Aerobic Workouts: 1/2 skipped Wednesday normal long run as I made the excuse that Jury took too long to accomplish.


Finances: Even with the huge automotive repair bill, I still managed to spend less than I earned. I haven't actually put more money into saving just yet, but I plan to pay off my card in full and any other bills due over the next two weeks and drop whatever is left over from my account into savings.


GRE: The week I was looking at has some conflicts, so I will need to talk to my supervisor and see if I can plan around that.


Week 6 progress:

Attended the workout yesterday and this week is looking fairly normal. Only issue is a tele-con based on Pacific time work hours so I may need to do a later session today and get my run in the morning.

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Week 6 Summary


Gym Workouts 3/3.


Aerobic, 2/2; did sprints on Wednesday, suffered after the first 100 m and it went up from there.  Although it was painful it was insightful as well. I am looking into re-evaluating how I want to progress my running style.


Finances: I only have 400 put away in savings with another 400 waiting until next week (waiting for next pay before I transfer), so that is 800/1000 that I wanted and I will have a very low bill this month (about half my normal statement balance since I started this scheme of paying it off once per month as opposed to twice per month. After the 1000, I will start incrementally start purchasing my cosplay materials that I need and start working on it in preparation for DragonCon. This year will be Captain America for Marvel Universe day and Jafar for Disney villains day. Captain America is looking like it will be mostly bought items as opposed to crafted, so I am thinking I need to get the Jafar started sooner to allow for time required for the frustration that it may be.


GRE: No progress.


6-Week summary, coming later.

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