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Previous 28 Day Challenge Winners! FINALLY PICKED THEM.


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So I realize I'm 2 months behind on this stuff, and I still don't have t-shirts yet, so this will be the "people I owe t-shirts too" section :)

I went back and picked winners for the two previous months challenges

Challenge #1 (March 1st) - BrendaIsBored and RobotRogue

Challenge #2 (April 5th) - 67Alecto and Loyal

Challenge #3 (May 10th) - Vader and Jess

A few notes: Vader was in strong contention for the Challenge #2, but I only had room for two winners, so although he didn't think he did well with the third one, he did great and combining his success over the past two challenges was enough to get him a victory.

Loyal and 67Alecto kicked ass in April; freaking awesome. Jess, congrats on your big weight loss, running a half-marathon barefoot and doing 6 real push ups!

If you didn't win, I'm sorry! I did the best I could with what I read on here, but it's freaking impossible to pick winners for this thing!

For this next month, I'm going to develop a good community generated solution that involves votes and polls and such, now that I actually have time to put it together :)


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