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W6 Recap: Stuck the landing on eating veggies, still exercising daily, but more lightly, on-again-off-again on the bedtimes.


Challenge Score and recap:


Meals: 117 out of 126, B (2 con, 1 stam)

Sleep: 30 out of 42, F (no stats)

Exercise: 31 out of 42, C (2 str, 1 dex)



My original grading metric for the sleep goal was really tight. I thought it would be pretty much a given that I'd get to bed on time easily once I set my mind to it. I did not find that to be the case. Nonetheless, I did get better at it as the challenge wore on, and I proved to myself that I could be comfortable and get used to going to bed quite a bit earlier than I had been.


My exercise goal rated a C, which means I didn't exercise on as many days as I wanted to, but I took away an important lesson from that as well. Previously I would go for a long run (5+ miles) in the mornings only on the weekend, and then I would come home, eat, and lay around for the rest of the day. During this challenge I started going for these runs before work on my evening shift days and I discovered that once I pushed myself over the hump, I found I did not need to spend the rest of the day laying around after I go for these morning runs. I could go for a long run in the morning, with or without a light breakfast, and still have a productive second half to the day. That was definitely a win.


Additionally, I arranged my running location so I was able to get in some inverted rowing practice. I practiced rowing a total of 18 times, at an average of 4 sets of 10 rows each time. This was a big component of my master quest (doing a pull-up), so this is a win as well.


The diet goal turned out to be a bit of a miss-aim, since I wound up eating too many extras when they weren't specifically off-limits. I did manage to turn that back around during the challenge, though, and I'm back to my no-dessert standards.


Overall, I'd call this challenge a win, although there's definitely room to keep working here.

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