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Week 2, in the books. And if it's a book, I don't want to read it again.
Critical? I'm trying to put a positive spin on this thing.
I was finally able to go and sweat out some of my frustration on Friday. Michelle reduced me to a melted blob of gasping, panting desperation in 30 minutes. It was the beginning of just what I needed.
Somehow "just what I needed" included burpees, because of course it did.
Saturday morning, it was HIIT at 8:15 and Boot Camp at 9. During Boot Camp, Traci had a set of dead lifts as one exercise at one station in the circuit. I got in four sets in 45 minutes between all the other crap:
I could have done more, and that was after almost an hour and a half of sustained exercise, much of it high-intensity. It felt good. After Boot Camp was over one of the other guys was giving me crap about something as I was putting away the weight plates and I did 10 bent-over barbell rows at 135lb due to some smart-aleck remark he was making.
I spent the rest of Saturday doing food prep and getting my life in order after letting the stress of the previous week get to me, and the evening hanging out with my small monsties watching whichever Smurfs flick has the emo punk Smurf girl in it. I needed some nice, quiet family time.
Sunday afternoon was the Men's group. It was a nice workout, but really felt to me more like a warm-up, so I went home and went running afterward. One of the positives that came out of the group was a comment one of the guys I didn't know made to me while we were getting ready to leave. There had been the following exchange in our private Facebook group:
I sucked it up and ignored the grammar and punctuation errors in the OP.
He told me that he was sore and discouraged and my comment made him not want to give up after one workout. I was glad to hear it. If me saying something helps that guy get in the frame of mind to keep on trying to be a better version of himself, then I've been the man I want to be for one more day.
Oh, and I finished Sunday evening in the hot tub.
Not this hot tub.
Grading time.
Quest 1: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb.
Bought a rope online. It's coming. I'm still doing pull-ups and chin-ups and am up to 3 strict dead-hang pull-ups in a row.
Quest 2: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super
3 more pounds down this week for a total of 6 overall. While I had a specific reason for putting a weight goal on this challenge, I dislike those kinds of things in general. Two years ago when I went from fat and out of shape to less fat and less out of shape, I only weighed myself about once a month. I wouldn't do it at all right now and simply use my usual guideline - my belt - but I ~need~ to drag fewer pounds up and over walls and up the rope in 40 days. I'm 20% of the way to my goal and I haven't lost any of the strength gains I made over the last six months so far. I did massive amounts of food prep and there are meals for days sitting in the fridge waiting for me right now. This is another A. 
Quest 3: Run 10 miles in one session
Weekly goals, Week 2: Run 5 miles 2x/week
Did 5.05 miles on Sunday afternoon. Outside, because the temps were not below stupid and the sun and the wind felt really good. I went somewhere and came back. It took me 62m28s, which is a far better pace than I've been doing on the treadmill, even though there were a couple significant hills involved. I didn't get my other hour in due to the BS that derailed my week.That's a C for the week, but feels like an A due to time and circumstance.
Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration
My oldest daughter is going through a ton of really bad shit right now, but she asked me if I could find her a sewing machine and some projects to do. She spent a couple years preparing to be a professional seamstress before she decided that she liked doing it and didn't want to ruin it. Guess who will be doing my costume construction? 
Week 2 is a solid B.

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Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration

My oldest daughter is going through a ton of really bad shit right now, but she asked me if I could find her a sewing machine and some projects to do. She spent a couple years preparing to be a professional seamstress before she decided that she liked doing it and didn't want to ruin it. Guess who will be doing my costume construction? 


Very cool!  (the sewing part anyway, sorry she's having a rough time right now)

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Sweet Baby Jesus, I am ready for a rest day right now. Congratulations Wednesday, you are our winner in this week's What Day Will Eric Finally Snap sweepstakes! 


On the heels of Sunday's 5 mile goodness, Monday kicked my ass, and it put on steel-toed boots to do it.



This may or may not be the newest piece of equipment at Skybound Fitness.


I have been loving the Crossfit class at the gym, especially since they broke down and brought in some Olympic bars and plates and a power rack. The group has been fairly consistent over the past few weeks since the class started - it's usually a couple of the Amys (there are like four or five Amys at our gym) plus me and Matt. Matt is five to ten years younger than I am and he's a runner and in generally better shape than I am. However, I have been told that I can be a little bit competitive, and there was no way I was going to have anyone in that class lift heavier than me and less than no way I was going to have anybody do it if we were doing dead lifts. I thought he would get ahead of me on Kettlebell swings and burpees, but I hung with him rep for rep and by the time we were on the ladder back up, I was beating him to the next set before gasping for breath and waiting for him to start.


As we were finishing our last set, Matt looked at me and said, "Using the Olympic bars for dead lifts today was an ~awesome~ idea! I am so glad you brought it up! I can't feel my arms."


This means I won, right?


After last week's "go home, you're done" episode, we will have to see how long I can keep that attitude up and still do my daily doubles. I love my daily double workouts - with a 15-minute break between everything, I could probably do a triple - but it remains to be seen whether doing Crossfit back-to-back with Boot Camp is a good idea, especially if I'm going to keep trying to keep up with Matt rep for rep. I mean... I intentionally did this:



We didn't have time to do the last round of 21 reps. It's only a 30-minute class and Traci's next set of victims was waiting.


And then I intentionally stuck around and did this with kettlebells, dumbbells and a deck of cards:



Dumbbell thruster burpees are what you do in the seventh level of hell.


After 30 minutes we switched to core exercises:



It was only 15 minutes so it barely counts.


Oh, and at the end, one of the other Erics (there's like three of us there) and Dave and I hung around and played with the power rack and did bench press sets. I can't match their upper-body strength, but even after Crossfit and Boot Camp I knocked out a couple sets because evidently I needed to prove something at that point.


Even after a good 30 minutes of foam rolling and another 20 minutes of working my shoulder on a lacrosse ball, yesterday I felt like this:


Jedi Master, yesterday morning everything would have been Do Not, because I was all out of Try, and Do was out of the question.


It's a good thing Spring. Is. Here. because if I had needed to put on a heavy jacket, I wouldn't have been able to lift my arms. Mixing a protein shake in my blender bottle almost caused me to shed a tear.


(Note: Spring damned well better be here, because if this is just a tease and Minnesota gets its third consecutive Year Without An Actual Spring, I am going to lose it.)


Tuesday night was my new Men's Challenge group, which was basically like a boot camp and involved lots of tire flipping and sledgehammers and wall sits, and for some unknown reason that I can only attribute to Jon being a sadist, I wound up doing box jumps on the 30-inch box while everyone else did weighted step-ups. One guy told me "That looks bad-ass" and all I could think when I was done was, "I can't feel my legs right now."


When I woke up this morning, I was sore, and I started to try to remember the last time I wasn't, and came to the following conclusion:



Actually, it's not much of a secret, because I am whining about it pretty much constantly.


I need my race season to start so I can take a freaking break from training for my race season.

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Week 3 behind me. This is probably a good thing. I need to get myself into a better head space. It starts right freaking now.

I needed my rest day last Wednesday. It was glorious. I did not run, I did not lift, I did not freak out that I have not yet learned to climb a rope. I did eat healthy. Otherwise I took a freaking break.


Thursday I was back at Focus Group. This is winding up at the end of March and I'm good with that. I didn't get a chance to run afterward like I would normally do because I had a committee meeting at 8 and needed time to eat. I was okay with that.


Friday I missed my HIIT class and had some just me time. It included a Mexican restaurant, where I had shrimp fajitas without the tortillas.


Saturday I ran the Get Lucky 7k. I finished in 51:34. It was the first time I've made a timed run of that distance. I had told people I was shooting for finishing in under an hour. I did that. We'll come back to this.


I went directly from there to meet my daughter, The Pink Princess, who had convinced me to do the Polar Plunge with her. I did it last year with a group from church. I had no intentions of doing it again this year. She changed my mind.


For the uninitiated, the Polar Plunge is a benefit for Special Olympics where foolish people show up, show their bravado - often in ridiculous costumes - and then jump into a lake. In order to jump into this lake, someone takes a massive chainsaw and make a cut through the 3 feet of ice to expose an 8x8 patch of water, which then has to be occasionally swept of ice chunks as it attempts to re-freeze. There's no good reason for this hole to be there except to jump into it. I am against it in principle for the same reasons as I am against jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, which much like the Polar Plunge, I will probably also do at some point in the future.


Last year the air temps were about 25-30. This year I think it was mid-60s. Hitting that water was.... brisk.



Child, if you were not mine, I'd have had no problem pushing you into the lake and walking away.


So, in a matter of a couple hours on one Saturday in March, I ran a 7k with almost 10,000 other people and then jumped in a frozen lake. If you would have told me two years ago I would be doing either one of these things at all - much less both on the same day - I would have laughed. Loudly.


I was feeling pretty good about all this right up 'til I got the results email from my 7k. Turns out there were like a dozen people from my gym that ran it and every one of them finished faster than I did.








This took the air out of my sails pretty quick. I went to bed deflated and stayed there.



Personal bests for timed distance and pace! Yay!


Sunday afternoon was my Men's group, which I will continue for the foreseeable future. When I walked in, I was greeted by Mike, who I have known for a while through classes at the gym. Mike is a runner. He had been shooting for a 30-minute finish - he basically would have lapped me if he had wanted to. And before I could say anything, he told me he had looked up my results and how awesome he thought it was because I had been saying "finish in an hour" and came in at 51 minutes. And he wasn't patronizing me, he was genuinely happy for me.


This helped.


He jumped into a group with me while we were doing our circuit workout. Jon asked Mike how he ran on Saturday, and after he told him, I said: "I am absolutely jealous. Do I look jealous? Because I'm jealous."


We were lifting these at the time:



My gym is making me happier every time I show up lately.


And I was moving the 70# stone from floor to shoulder to floor to other shoulder and it was heavy and comfortable and I didn't really feeling like I was working all that hard. And Mike turned to me and said "You can be jealous all you want, I'm jealous of how you're throwing that stone around because I can't do that."


And then one of the other guys who has been around the gym for more than a couple Men's group classes for a couple weeks told me, "I don't know if I could have kept up with you."


And that is where I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself.


Today I am getting okay with it all. I did something I couldn't do six months ago. I did it better than I thought I could do it. I need to stop measuring myself against everyone else.



Yesterday Me, I won't miss you and I am not coming back to visit.


Yesterday Me wouldn't have done any of the things I just did this weekend. Too afraid to fail, too afraid to not impress, too afraid to try. Today I take a big, heaping helping of "Get Over Yourself" and start really believing the following:


Dead Freaking Last beats Did Not Finsh beats Did Not Start.



This is my new mantra. If you get sick of hearing it, I don't care.


Time for my mid-terms.
Quest 1: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb.
Still don't have the rope I bought so I borrowed a tow rope and started trying to learn technique. It's not intuitive, no matter how often I watch the stupid YouTube videos. I called my brother, a former active duty Marine, and I'm trying to get him to come down and teach me. I will continue to work on it while I'm waiting for him to free up time. 
Quest 2: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super
3 more pounds down this week for a total of 9 overall. Feeling pretty good about this one today. A for the week. 
Quest 3: Run 10 miles in one session
Weekly goals, Week 3: Run 5.5 miles 1x, 1 hour one other time
I was planning to run on Thursday and then had to go to this stupid committee meeting. Then I planned to do it Sunday afternoon after men's group and wound up spending an amazing night hanging out with a great bunch of people around the fire pit instead. I did run the Get Lucky, so even though it wasn't the full hour, I'm claiming that for the hour goal. C for the week.
Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration
No movement on this during the week so it's an incomplete at this point, but I'm still looking forward to it. 
Week 3 is a B.

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Just catching up on your thread, it is full of awesomeness. 

I love that picture of you and your daughter after the polar plunge. You look frozen and miserable, she is grinning ear to ear, and looks like she is ready to go again. :)

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Just catching up on your thread, it is full of awesomeness. 

I love that picture of you and your daughter after the polar plunge. You look frozen and miserable, she is grinning ear to ear, and looks like she is ready to go again. :)


I don't know if she would have gone again... but if she had dragged me with, I would have gone, because I am a sucker for my kids and especially my Pink Princess.


And I was definitely frozen and miserable, so at least my beard looked good.


That's a great story. Damn right you should feel proud of yourself!


Thanks. I am getting there. I am learning the worst two lessons ever - patience and humility. It's a slow ride.

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Dead Freaking Last beats Did Not Finsh beats Did Not Start.



This is my new mantra. If you get sick of hearing it, I don't care.


Yes and yes! I really struggle with thinking like this.  Sometimes the workouts are tough, but you're putting effort into fighting the mental battles too and that will pay off.

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Week 4 Roundup:


Well. Did a crap job of updating this thread last week. I had a good week overall, although I got some personal news that I won't get into here on Sunday that puts my Vegas/Anaheim trip in serious peril of not happening. I am attempting to deal with this news without going off the rails, even though I've been focused on this first event since November of last year.


Let's recap what did go well this week...




First, whatever "spring" occurred last week that got me all happy was followed up this week with actual seasonably-appropriate weather. So far I'm not going to get freaked out about it even though we just got 9 inches of the white stuff in the parking lot of my condo last night. I live in Minnesota, not Florida or Arizona or someplace that actually gets an early spring.



Your friends, and your little dog, too.


This just meant I needed to go back to the treadmill to do my running for the week.


Monday daily double was a good night. Crossfit didn't kill me and neither did Boot Camp. Both felt really good after how destroyed I had felt about a week earlier. Tuesday was Men's Group; Jon resurrected an old Boot Camp from his first year when we were meeting at a park (best Summer ever). The preemption of pizza night with the kids is really beginning to annoy me, though.


Thursday was Focus Group. Being the last Focus Group workout - this coming week is exit assessments - he pulled out his "I don't care, just do it" workout:


Half mile run

100 pull-ups/ring rows (or a combination of both)

200 push-ups

300 body-weight squats

Half mile run


I broke it into five supersets of 20 pull-ups, 40 push-ups and 60 squats, because I am not a robot.



When Skynet becomes self aware, we're in trouble; Mr. Miyagi taught this one to do the Crane.


Normally I would work out Friday and Saturday but my Pink Princess, fresh off her Polar Plunge the week before, came down with a nasty stomach virus and I stayed home with her.


Sunday I was Men's Group and there was a metric butt-load of push-ups involved, after which my front shoulders and my triceps were crying. Then I went to the gym and ran 7 miles. Turns out running is an awesome way for me to clear my mind when I am completely stressed the hell out.


Even a year ago, that would have never crossed my mind.



Quest 1: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb.
I spent some time on the tow rope last week and I think I've got the technique down. However, this is a tow rope and it's something like 2 to 2.5 inches thick and I can't get my feet to lock, it keeps slipping. I'm going to try my mud-runner shoes to see if I get any better grip off of them than my regular running shoes or my weightlifting shoes. 

Quest 2: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super
Down another 2 pounds this week for a total of 11 overall. I need to make sure I'm not losing muscle, because that's the opposite of what I want to do, but I'm fueling well with protein and still lifting once a week (Crossfit) and my weight moved is still high. Also, pull-ups and chin-ups are significantly easier right now. A for the week. 
Quest 3: Run 10 miles in one session
Weekly goals, Week 4: Run 7.5 miles 1x/1 hour regardless of distance 1 other time
After running a combined mile during Focus Group on Thursday, I went and did an hour on the treadmill and logged another 4.6m right afterward. Sunday evening I did 7 miles in 90 minutes. Slow, but still moving. I would have done another half mile but I forgot what my goal was and quit at 7 miles Screw it, I deserve the A. A for the week.
Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration
This is in jeopardy due to last week's personal stress BS.


Week 4 is an incomplete, and feels more like limbo.

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Seriously, Eric, get off the tracks.


Sometimes bad stuff happens to me and I had nothing to do with it. More often, when things happen in my life, it's because I stood there on the tracks and let the train bear down. And sometimes I can see the train coming, with plenty of time to react, and then just stand there and cry out, "Doomed! We're doomed!" and then act like I'm starving for more adolescent drama in my life.



Angst! Angst! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggggsssstttt!


That's what this past weekend's worth of personal-life stress feels like, now, in the rear-view mirror.


The Vegas Spartan is going to happen. The trip to Anaheim for the Star Wars Celebration is going to happen and I'll be receiving my passes before I know it. And none of this is due to "magically making all my problems disappear".





It's because, instead of stressing out about how bad it was and being resigned to the worst-case scenario, I was able - with the help of one very level-headed friend - to stop, making a plan, and take action to fix the biggest of my problems. It took a little more than 24 hours to go from "This is the straw that breaks the camel's back" - and believing it, for valid reasons - to "This will be okay."


Of course, I attempted to sleep with all my... crap... hanging over me like an impending bomb of utter doom. Let's just say it was less than a success. That meant that by the time everything started to clear up like a ray of sunlight through the clouds, I was a little more tapped than usual, and that was before CrossFit last night. I had my ass kicked. 


And it was the best ass-kicking I've had in a while.

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Your posts are supremely entertaining and dripping with nerdiness. We must be friends at once.

Thank you.


So, I just finished stalking your current challenge thread, and... Dude. We're like twins. Except that we are not related in any way, and also have never met, and I'm like more than 20 years older than you. Oh, and you appear to have no facial hair, awesome or otherwise. And our health and fitness goals are somewhat different and at different stages.


Otherwise, seriously, identical.



Hello, long-lost random citizen!

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Pre-weekend check-in:


Nutrition this week has been spot-on, although I did give in to a minor sugar crush Thursday and inhaled a six-cookie pack of Oreos. It tasted like heaven in cellophane, except slightly meltier. I'm averaging about 1750Kcal/day and 190g protein. For the most part I'm not having serious cravings.


Tuesday's group workout was The Sevens. 



If this would have included bear crawls, it would have sounded like the apocalypse.


This was an AMRAP workout. I completed 7 circuits in 45 minutes. I was especially happy about my dead lifts; I worked between 185 and 200 lbs consistently. Normally that's my 3x10 weight because I'm still working on increasing my strength from where I started a couple years ago (also known as "none"). Also, I interpret AMRAP to mean "Attempting Many Reps Attains Puking". Plus, most of the guys in the Men's group are new to my gym - my happy place - and ain't nobody in that group out-lifting me, even the ones 20 years younger. Period.



Method LiftAllTheThings threw an InvalidArgumentException: the supplied value, "NotACompetition", was not a valid entry.


Wednesday and Thursday were off-days for me because the small monsties have this thing called "Spring Break" where evidently schools cancel classes and expect people to schedule their lives around that.


I'm planning to get in my running over the weekend as the weather gets (slightly) nicer. We'll see how that plays out. Either it will be "nice" and I get to run outside, or it won't and I will be on the treadmill, hopefully watching the NCAA basketball and hockey tournaments but probably stuck right in front of Real Housewives of Atlanta. With subtitles.



Oh no she didn't.


Let's pray for good weather.


Also, stress level after last weekend is nearly non-existent.



Your day just got better because this lizard is playing the leaf guitar.


Week 5 is almost in the bag. We got this.

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Weekend update:



And now, we send it over to our special navel-gazing correspondent, EricMN.


Mixed bag. Friday night, instead of working out, I went to a hockey game with my friend Ed. I ran the Milwaukee Stadium Sprint with him and his stepson last November, and the three of us are going to Montana to do the Spartan Beast the second weekend in May and a return trip to Milwaukee for the Spartan two weeks later. It's kind of nice to have someone to talk to that understands why I am mildly obsessed with the Spartan, and it doesn't faze either of us if, for instance, as we're walking from the parking lot to the stadium, one of us says "I bet I could jump that fence."



Plus, we watched a hockey game, and they won convincingly. So we had that going for us, which is nice.


I ate as healthy as I could at the game - I got a chicken breast sandwich and I ate the tomato slice and the four-ounce breast - but I also put down a stadium beer and a tray of cheese curds. The cheese curds may or may not have tasted like God had asked himself back in the day, "If I wanted to make something snacky and mildly filling, what would I have?" and *BAM* there were deep fried cheese curds. Still, in the grand scheme of things, this is a small deal and didn't set me back in my goals. My last beer was during the Super Bowl. Although it was a better beer than whatever stadium swill Ed bought me.


Even after a social night, I made it to Boot Camp on Saturday morning. Liz was training Saturday. This never bodes well for me and I think she was annoyed that I had cancelled HIIT the hour before. I paid with about a gallon of sweat. She was visibly annoyed that I did not puke. That afternoon I managed half an hour on the treadmill, a far cry from the 90 minutes I had hoped to log before retreating to the hot tub.


Sunday afternoon was the Men's Group workout. It was fine, I suppose, but I think I was holding back a little because when we were done, I had my Focus Group assessment.




The plank was pretty weak. I can usually go for at least two and a half to three minutes, but I've been neglecting my core strength, and my low back is tweaky right now.


In two years I went from being a Fat Guy who was barely taking his health seriously to a Recovering Fat Guy who trusts his trainer, has developed some good functional strength, and has occasional moments of badassery that weren't even a consideration back then.


I capped it off by slogging through an hour on the treadmill. Not the 8+ miles I hoped for, or hour and a half I would have settled for, but it was an hour on a day when I hadn't eaten particularly well and was feeling cranky. I felt a bit annoyed by my effort until this appeared on my FB feed:




I am not the Fat Man I used to be. I am not even the same Recovering Fat Guy I was a year ago. I am leaner, stronger, and a little faster. I am motivated. And I am not who I will be at this time next year or the year after, either. Yay me!



Quest 1: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb.
This is getting better, but I need to drag the rope out of the garage rafters and find a tree branch to hang it from so I can get some idea of whether my technique is really improving enough to make it up more than just one or two... steps, I guess. I'll give that a shot starting tomorrow since it's going to be gorgeous outside. Incomplete.


Quest 2: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super
Down another 3 pounds this week for a total of 14 overall. I know I'm losing some muscle as I go, but my functional strength is nearly the same. I was dead-lifting at my normal weights last Thursday. And I am doing more pull-ups and chin-ups right now than I ever have before. And I'm damn near at my goal a week early. A for the week. 
Quest 3: Run 10 miles in one session
Week 5: Run 8.5 miles 1x/1.5 hour same as above 1 other time
Yeah, that didn't happen. It may have been Spring Break for the monsties, but I sort of treated it like it was Spring Break for me, too, and didn't get it done. D for the week.
Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration
No longer in jeopardy, the tickets are on their way, so this is Goal About To Be Achieved. I won't be appearing in costume as I haven't been able to pull that together. However, I will be wearing my favorite t-shirt:



For those scoring at home, it's me.


Week 5 may not have hit all the high notes, but it feels like a









Represent, home girl.

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Important Programming Note:


My final grade for the Rope Climb is tied to my performance at the Spartan on the 18th. When I originally wrote up this challenge, that was going to be two days before the next challenge started and not a week into it, so my final grade for the J-Hook Rope Climb is currently "Incomplete" and no grade or stat points will be assigned for it until them.


Week 6 Wrap-up:


I sort of slid into this weekend after owning the rope on Wednesday. My Focus Group has concluded, so there was no Thursday workout, but due to Maundy Thursday evening services last week I and having my kids that evening I didn't get my normal Thursday evening workouts in. I should have compensated by working out over lunch, but I justified not doing that, either, because I needed to get in a long run, which would have taken too long for my lunch hour. So, instead of doing something, I ran errands and got other stuff that could have waited done instead. Friday I ran more errands and didn't do my normal Friday evening HIIT class because I was going to get the kids to take a short run with me. That fell flat on its face. More nothing.



It's like a sarcastic cat poster.


Sometimes I need to stop waiting for inspiration and motivation and just get stuff done.


Saturday morning I got in a double - the Men's Group would normally meet on Sunday, but that was Easter, so it got moved back-to-back with Saturday morning Boot Camp. Normally I would show up at 8:15 and do 30 minutes of HIIT before boot camp, but I shifted my schedule because I could and lay in bed for another half hour.


Then I got there, and promptly got my ass kicked by Jon for two hours.


Boot camp was a circuit workout - 1 minute of a strength exercise followed by 30 seconds of core or jump rope. Each station was done twice before moving on.




Men's Group was an AMRAP workout - 8 reps of each exercise per round. I got in 5 rounds due to time.




I needed it.


Then I took the kids to the park for part of the afternoon and we did the monkey bars and climbed up stuff and were generally awesome. The kids noticed that, hey, if you don't do monkey bars all winter, you might have a harder time doing them in the spring. The kids are smart.


And we colored Easter eggs Saturday night, because they're not too old to think it's fun, yet.


This year it was mom's turn to have the kids for Easter day. I could easily have turned into a slug and sat on the couch as the skies turned slate grey and the wind kicked up a bit, making 50 degrees feel a lot colder. Instead, I pulled my mudder shoes out, drove to Lebanon Hills Park Reserve, and took a trail run. I decided that every time I came to a fork in the road, I would take the longer route, which meant I would run the entire perimeter of the park. If I had used my head and put Runkeeper in GPS mode, it would have told me what I found out later when I mapped my run that it was just over 8 miles.





Nutrition was a qualified win. I was able to have some restraint with the goodies at church both days this week. I did allow myself to have a single Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, because come on, and that was it. There were no solid chocolate Easter bunnies and I didn't feel deprived.


Finishing the week strong is a Good ThingTM.


On to grading.



Quest 1: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb.
Success with learning. I'll continue to practice this over the next couple weeks, but final grading won't happen until I am facing the rope in the mud pit and find out on the course. Incomplete.


Quest 2: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super
Down another pound this week for 15 overall. Functional strength is holding steady so I'm happy. My clothes do not fit the same and I'm going to have to do some wardrobe pruning again. I've hit my goal for this challenge. A for the week. 
Quest 3: Run 10 miles in one session
Week 6: Run 10 miles 1x/1.5 hour same as above 1 other time
I got in my 8-mile trail run, but that was it. C for the week.
Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration
Plans are set. Reservations are confirmed. Anyone else going to be there on Friday the 17th?


Week 6 ends with a win.

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Jedi Knight - Current ChallengeBattle Log - Epic Quest

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Challenge Report Card:


Quest 1 Goal: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb and ring the bell in Vegas.

Incomplete. Let's see if I can do it live at the Spartan. +4 DEX if I can, +2 DEX if I can't.


Quest 2 Goal: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super

A. Lost 15 pounds (and counting). +4 CON


Quest 3 Goal: Run 10 miles in one session

C. Never did 10 miles but I'm running Goldy's 10m on Saturday the 11th. +3 STA.


Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration

Pass. I'm so geeked up about this I can barely stand it. +4 CHA


EricMN reaches Level 5.


Previous stats:

STR 13 | DEX 5 | STA 9 | CON 4 | WIS 8 | CHA 7



STR 13 | DEX 5 | STA 12 | CON 8 | WIS 8 | CHA 11


And will be updated in the next challenge with the results from the Spartan.

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Jedi Knight - Current ChallengeBattle Log - Epic Quest

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Those boot camps & men's groups look absolutely killer mate!  Good finish to the challenge.

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Big Show: Human Swift Hunter

Respawning. One day at a time.

Battle Log: #OperationWeddingSuit

Previous challenges: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 

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