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EricMN's Jedi Training - from Dagobah to Tatooine


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Great job on your challenge!


And cool goal with the rope climb, I might add. I'd like to add that as a goal for myself, I just don't know where or how.


What are you thinking for goals for your next challenge?


Thanks for the props. I'd be glad to point you in the right direction for the rope climb if you want.


Next challenge is already up in the new Challenge forum.

Jedi Knight - Current ChallengeBattle Log - Epic Quest

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Challenge Report Card:


Quest 1 Goal: Learn to do a proper J-technique rope climb and ring the bell in Vegas.

Incomplete. Let's see if I can do it live at the Spartan. +4 DEX if I can, +2 DEX if I can't.


Quest 2 Goal: Drop 15 pounds by Vegas Super

A. Lost 15 pounds (and counting). +4 CON


Quest 3 Goal: Run 10 miles in one session

C. Never did 10 miles but I'm running Goldy's 10m on Saturday the 11th. +3 STA.


Life Quest: Attend Star Wars Celebration

Pass. I'm so geeked up about this I can barely stand it. +4 CHA


EricMN reaches Level 5.


Previous stats:

STR 13 | DEX 5 | STA 9 | CON 4 | WIS 8 | CHA 7



STR 13 | DEX 5 | STA 12 | CON 8 | WIS 8 | CHA 11


And will be updated in the next challenge with the results from the Spartan.




+2 DEX after failing the Spartan rope climb but making it halfway up the rope. Bah. I'll get it soon...



STR 13 | DEX 7 | STA 12 | CON 8 | WIS 8 | CHA 11

Jedi Knight - Current ChallengeBattle Log - Epic Quest

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