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Hi all! I'm in, because it's summertime and life is good, because self improvement is a good thing, because setting new goals is what winners do and stuff, And because I'm going on a beach vacation in two months and would like to look really awesome with my shirt off.

Goals as follows:

1) cut down seriously on junk food, particularly soda. actually eat vegetables sometimes.

2) actually bench press over 200lb, just once. stick with my gym schedule.

3) get to my goal weight of 160, about 8 or 9 pounds left to drop. I'm not going to sweat this quite so much since I'm doing a lot of weight lifting and it would not be a bad thing if I gain muscle as I lose fat.

See ya soon.

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I had a whole bunch of pizza today. Ah well. The flesh is weak. Other than that though - not too many calories, plus I had a whole cup of spinach, woohoo.

I went to the gym yesterday and I'm going again tomorrow, and maybe Friday if I'm feeling up for it. Yesterday was arms day:


dips 3 sets x 10 reps, parallel grip pullups 3 sets x 10

dumbbell overhead triceps extension:

50 lb x14

50 lb x14

60 lb x10

60 lb x 9

50 lb x11

seated barbell preacher curl:

55 lb x 12

65 lb x 10

75 lb x 8

85 lb x 5

45 lb x 16

rope triceps pulldown:

35 lb x 14

40 lb x 14

50 lb x 12

55 lb x 10

60 lb x 8

65 lb x 7

45 lb x 16

(I had to do a bit of trial and error with the weights on this one)

seated hammer curls:

25 lb x 14

25 lb x 12

25 lb x 10

25 lb x 7

This was actually one of my lighter workout days... I spent the last week pushing myself really hard so I kind of took it easy. I've taken lately to doing a few extra sets to failure at the end of just one or two usual exercises on days when I don't feel like doing any more.

chest and back tomorrow. whew.

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Hey people, I have been doing stuff. Like so:

- went to two (2) MMA classes this week

- rode my bike 5 miles to work two (2) times*

- lifted weights only once on Thursday (shoulders and calves) but I'm going again tomorrow

- no soda!

- ok, a little bit of soda, but it was only like one can of coke, I swear

*full disclosure: this was my first time riding a bike in like 10 years. On Monday I got to about ten blocks away from work before I had to stop 'cause I was totally gonna puke, and because my bike (which I had gotten used for cheap) needed a few minor tweaks that I didn't realize until I rode it out for a while--mostly, though, it was the puking thing. I tried again today though and it went much much better, even though I did have to stop to take a short breather once or twice.

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